Wandoor Beach

Wandoor Beach is one of the most exotic beaches of the Andaman Islands. This long stretch of sand seems to peep over the Jolly Buoy Island. Located at a considerable distance of 25kms east of the capital city of the Andaman Islands, the Wandoor Beach is one of the favorites of the tourists. The Wandoor Beach is a complete package. It provides you with all the fun that it can. Its magnificence is worth seeing. The calm and clean surroundings of the beach, the dried trees, the caves and the clear blue sky all fill your eyes and soul with delight and contentment.

Tourism Value

The Wandoor Beach is another important beach of great tourism value. The sight of the crystal clear waters amid the dried trees is extremely unique. Taking care of the sheer comfort of the tourists, the Wandoor Beach is also engraved with neat fabricated benches and even changing quarters. The foliage deracinated during the 2006 Tsunami, provides a wide scope for photography; thereby incrementing the beauty and worth or the beach. The beach is encountered by tourists from both national and international level. Overall, one can say that the Wandoor Beach is the perfect place where you can extract complete pleasure of the world of adventure.


The Wandoor Beach is a storehouse of numerous activities. Trekking is a vital activity of the beach.

Short trek to the caves

If one is an adventure freak, then a short trek to the natural caves is an ideal one for you. Numerous decades were required for the formation of the caves. After their formation, the caves were shaped by ferocious high tides. This exigent trek starts early in the morning as the tides are not that high. One can easily get return by early evening. Besides this, on the way to the trek, one can witness the fantastic surroundings of the place.

Swimming and Fishing

The Wandoor Beach proves to be a paradise for swimmers. One can swim their heart out in this beach. In addition to that, fishing is also quite an entertaining activity in the beach. Coral viewing is one of the attractions of the Wandoor Beach. One can catch a glimpse of the beautiful corals. It is certainly always enjoyable to steal a glance of the very striking corals. One can lie peacefully under the clear blue sky and bask in the dazzling sun. The view of the fascinating corals also entertains you a lot.One must always remember to carry a camera in order to capture the beauty and magnificence of the Wandoor Beach.

Things to remember

It would not be good for children to play here as a lot of fisher men boats are parked here. The Wandoor Beach is a plastic prohibited region. One needs to deposit a considerable amount of Rs. 100 in Wandoor Beach before heading towards the Red Skin or Jolly Buoy Islands. Moreover, one is also required to pay an additional amount against each plastic item they carry. They can get their money back while returning. One must definitely reach the beach before 9.00am as the harbor authorities start their errand towards Jolly Buoy and Red Skin at 9.00am.

Reasons to Visit

Wandoor has some really fine beaches and endows you with the time of your life. Besides, it is the entryway to the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park. Once you reach the Wandoor Beach, access to the Red Skin or Jolly Buoy Islands won’t be difficult.