Vijaynagar Beach Andaman

Vijaynagar Beach is one of the most crucial and visited islands of the Andaman Islands. Pinpointed on the eastern coast of the Havelock Island, the Vijaynagar Beach is a vast expanse of sand, marked sporadically by small sections of rock. The grandeur of the beach is worth seeing. One must definitely visit the beach at least once in their lifetime. The lush green surroundings, the crystal clear waters, the clear blue sky and the filtered sand; all these see to increment the magnificence of the beach. Anybody can fall in love with this very exotic beach.

Tourism Value

As the Vijaynagar Beach is an inseparable part of the Havelock islands, it is of great tourism value. Numerous tourists flock to the place in order to get a glimpse of the beach. An important specialty of the place is that mahua trees proliferates the beach. The trunks of these trees seem to nurture all along the ground for scores of feet before they embark on to climb upright. These trees have imparted a versatile character to the beach, thereby increasing its worth. It’s like something was missing but after the appearance of the Mahua trees, the beach gained its completeness. As trees have been known for providing shade, the same goes for mahua trees. They provide shade to the tired enthusiasts. Besides this, the beach is an ideal one for long walks. Tourists take great pleasure in taking a long walk along the beach during the sunsets.


The Vijaynagar Beach is a storehouse of many activities. The beach is packed with adventurers, trekkers and campers. Scuba-diving and snorkeling are some of the water sports that the travelers take pleasure in.

Scuba Diving

The exciting proficiency of Scuba diving is a chief tourist attraction. The charm of Scuba Diving lies in the fact the one can get a closer glance of the suspenseful marine life. This life hides in the draw round of astonishing water bodies, bubbly fishes and undeniably electrifying corals. Underwater photography also creates excitement. Scuba diving helps you to represent the elusiveness of the sunken ships, thereby quenching the thirst of the intrusive ones. Scuba diving truly instills calmness in you.


Snorkeling is another popular adventure sport of the Vijaynagar Beach. Through snorkeling, one can witness such gratifying exquisiteness that cannot be witnessed through any other sport. An elaborate amalgamation of an array of sharks, sun-rays and corals is visible. This sight amuses the visitors.A very striking factor of the Vijaynagar Beach is that the view of the sunset is awesome. In fact, the Vijaynagar Beach is best known for the panoramic view of sunrise and sunsets. If you spend some time alone in the vicinity of nature, then this beach is an excellent one. Besides this, one can also opt for other kind of activities such as Doongi Drives and Ocean tribe Scuba Diving.

Things to remember

Before setting out for the Beach, one must always keep in mind to confirm their tickets. One must always carry safe drinking water and some snacks with them. If one is opting for any water sports, then they must carry an extra pair of clothes. It is recommended to carry a waterproof camera as the ones offered by the locals may prove quite costly. One can also carry medicines, in case of any sort of sea-sickness.