Vashist Hot Water Springs

Vashist, a small but beautiful village located on the left bank of river Beas towards Rohtang Pass is worth a visit. It is acclaimed for its hot springs and temples. Adjacent is the cone-shaped rock temple committed to Vashist Muni. There is another Temple of Lord Ram here. Natural hot sulphur springs with two abstracted bathing tanks for gents and ladies are consistently full of tourists. Turkish style showers adapted baths have as well been built nearby. Hot water from the adjacent spring is provided for bathing.

The Vashisht hot springs are beyond the Beas River, about 3.2 Km abroad from Manali bus stand, at a distance of 1,982 meters just aloft the Manali- Keylong road. Vashisht, acclaimed for its temples and sulphur hot springs, able with abundant healing powers.

Nearby is the cone-shaped rock temple dedicated to Vashishta Muni, and there is a Temple of Lord Ram here. The accustomed hot sulphur springs, with two abstracted bathing tanks for men and women are consistently abounding of tourists. Visit here very early in the morning (before 9 am), for a less crowded experience. It has a Turkish appearance shower, abstracted for men and women. The hot and cold water is alone piped, advancement the approved temperature for bathing. Charges are nominal.

The abode has several modern bathrooms with Turkish appearance showers (connected to the spring through pipes). It is flocked by visitors who desire to wish from the medicinal properties of the sulphur spring as it is said to cure numerous of derma allergies and other ailments. Amidst a bustling market place, the Vashist temple is blood-soaked in a rich historical past. Touted as Vashist Muni's abode of meditation, it is believed that Laxman from the Indian ballsy Ramayana had accursed an Agni Vaan to the region from where the hot sulphur water springs to this day.

Surrounded by deodar trees and lush greenery absolutely the hot sulphur ponds here are site to behold.

Quick Facts

  • Special Features: Soak yourself in Vashist Hot Water Sulphur Springs (across the famous Beas River) and feel the magic. The place has several modern bathrooms with Turkish style showers (connected to the spring through pipes).
  • Connectivity: It only 3.2 km from the Manali Bus Stand, thus it is easily accessible
  • Nuisance: Spring, Fountain
  • Dressing Restrictions: Wear what makes you comfortable
  • Enjoyed By: God Lovers, Nature lovers
  • Entry Fees: No fee is required
  • Best Time to Visit: April to June and September to October
  • Visit Timings: All Days of Week, 07:00 AM to 01:00 PM and 02:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Facilities:Well hotels and resorts are very well supplemented all over the town which truly will offer the visitors a great stay
  • Things Not Allowed: Nothing as such,
  • Suggestions: Visit early in the morning as it would be less crowded.