Varkala Tour Packages

Varkala is a coastal town of Thiruvananthapuram district and it is the only town where you would find cliff and ridges adjacent to Arabian Sea. The beach of Varkala which can be considered as main tourist spot of the town is untouched and unpolluted which in turn allows traveler to enjoy their campaign at this majestic juncture. Another interesting fact that supports the bone of tourism is, it is amongst a most renowned pilgrimage centre where devotee comes to perform penance from different corner of India. To enjoy the wholesome environment of Varkala it is best suggested to book a package with Varkala tour package to make your moment an unforgettable one.

Tourist places in and around

Varkala beach:

an endless stripes of Varkala beach as mentioned above is a central corridor of tourism and its silvery lines of sands lures traveler from different pocket of the world. The fringe of palm and coconut that sways along with a whisper of wind calls for serene moment. For nature lovers Varkala would be a most promising place on earth to hike as it have all the essentials to soothe the mind of traveler.

Papanasam beach:

within the womb of Varkala, Papanasam erodes to offer salvation to millions of devote. The mythological tale associated with this coast calls for pilgrimage and to practice the same you would see people coming in from distant places.

Janardhana temple:

to grace the glory of Lord Vishnu, this temple was build in and around 12th century by an erstwhile rulers. The temple and its mythological importance is a symbolic and to preserve the same they follow strict code of conduct. It is said that an original shrine of Lord Vishnu was destroyed by a devastating tidal waves and its reconstruction started with an advent of Pandya king who was instructed to rebuild the temple.

Sivagiri Mutt:

located at a distance of around 3 km from Janardhana temple, this Mutt was founded by Sree Narayana Guru. The Mutt follows the protocols of doctrines cited by its deceased guru. Beside that it is also regarded as one of the significant pilgrimage centre of Kerala.

Varkala Tunnel:

no introduction of Varkala is complete without a description of this historic Varkala tunnel. The chronological subway was constructed in 19th century and it is said that it took nearly 14 years of hard course to complete this channel.

Anjengo Fort and Lighthouse:

Anjengo fort which is sometime referred as Anchuthengu Fort is a most relevant place to roar around to view the tranquility of the surroundings. The presence of Lighthouse has made it more prominent because it allows traveler to get panoramic sight of Varkala.

Things to do


it could be considered as the most promising thing that one can look to do while coming here, as the fresh water of Varkala and Papanasam allows traveler to swim across its wave.


Ayurveda which is considered as mainstream of medication at Kerala could be enjoyed within the numerous beaches of Varkala. Beside that transcendental meditation of Yoga is also practiced in numerous beach resorts of Varkala.


although it is restricted to certain limits but still traveler can enjoy the course of angling and fishing around the mild beaches of Varkala.


for attaining salvation and practicing penance a shore of Papanasam and availability of religious sects like Sivagiri mutt and Janardhana temple would set the devotional environment.

Varkala Tunnel

An emerald story of Varkala is pretty incomplete without a description of Varkala tunnel which is popularly renowned as Varkala thurappu. The tunnel has its historic connection with the brain of British and it was wisdom of colonials which was ideally conceived and realized by Divan sir T Mahadeva Rao of Travancore. The construction of the tunnel started in late 18th century and it took almost 14 years to complete. Its official inauguration was held in the year 1880 during the time of Diwan Shesaya Shastri.

Varkala Janardhana Temple

Varkala Janardhana Temple is a century old shrine dedicated to lord Vishnu to praise his glory and opulence. The temple is situated at an entrance of the beach road and for Vaishnavite this place carries a notion of importance and throughout the year you would see devotee coming in from every corner to perform pilgrimage and penance to attain salvation and to free their soul from the cycle of life and death.

Sivagiri mutt

Sprawled over an area of 200 acres, Sivagiri mutt of Varkala is one of the most recognized religious and historical places where Guru Narayan laid his whole life in preaching humanity and transformation in social relation. The most important factors that makes this divine land a renowned pilgrimage centre for all people is at this place Guru Narayan breath his last and bid farewell to the worldly existence of his body.

Sarkara Devi Temple

Sarkara Devi temple one of the prominent shrines of South India rose into fame after an introduction of renowned Kaliyoot festival by Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma, the Travancore sovereign during 17th century. Perched perfectly within a divine ambience of Chirayinkeezhu Taluk in North West province of Thiruvanathapuram district it is a ceremonial pilgrimage ground for all Hindu people. The main deity of the temple is of Bhadra Kali, who is also regarded as consort of Lord Shiva and different forms of Ma Parvati.

Kappil Lake

Dotted with groves of coconut, the Kappil Lake, located at a distance of around 6 km from Varakala is one of the tranquil holidaying destinations around Kerala. The sways and fringes of Mother Nature that blows along with wave of winds welcomes you to the spot of coastal line where you would not just have an occasion to view the magnificence of blue horizon but the serene atmosphere that surrounds the site would make your advent sophisticating and sensational.

Shopping in Varkala

Varkala is considered to be a lovely place where one can spend their days walking over the beach and in sight seeing. Holidays are never complete without the option of shopping and thus this place has distinct items to offer to the tourists. You can get everything produced in Kerela in local markets of Varkala and you would be perplexed in choosing handicrafts and other products. The lively entertainment and the excitement of bazaars along with small shops tend to make shopping experience at Varkala quite exciting.

Restaurants in Varkala

Lots of restaurants are located in Varkala, serving assortment of cuisines including South Indian, North Indian, Continental, Italian and Chinese. Especially the sea food served in the restaurants in Varkala is very tasty and delicious to taste and try. Both vegetarian foodies and non vegetarian food lovers are provided with some great dining options and thus they do not have to worry about finding the food that they are looking to savour.

How to reach Varkala

Nestled within a cosmopolitan environment of Trivandrum district of Kerala, Varkala has some of the major and fresh water beaches within its gulf and all the glory within are undisturbed and slightly untouched. Tourism here is mostly stirred by its celestial beaches beside that pilgrimage centre around talks about mythological importance and cultural potency of the town. Today through this article we will talk about different line of transport and communication that connects the circuits and various nodal points of Varkala.