Trekking in Kashmir

Trekking is an integral part of Kashmir adventure tourism and its mountainous ranges definitely strikes the vibe of the same. Kashmir although from tourist point of view is a tourism centre but if you will stroll around a higher belts like Ladakh, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonmarg and great lakes you will come to know that it is a trekkers paradise. The great landscape and uneven environment around which is surrounded by springs, meadows, water bodies and snow clad speaks tends to invite experienced and fresh campaigners from every corner of the world to measure the mild and rough distance.

The great treks around Kashmir

Trekking in Gulmarg

Gulmarg is located at elevation of around 2653 m and it is situated at a distance of roughly 51 km from the main land of Srinagar. Set amidst the tall pines and colossal firs, the snow clouded mountains around are perfect site for trekking. While trekking the range of Pir Panjal traveler can consider Gulmarg as a base and from here one would have an excellent occasion to view the glory of Nanga Parbhat beside that one can also enjoy the brilliance of Khilanmarg which is at the west of Gulmarg. To its south you have pleasant treks of Ferozpur Nala that pass through the walks of Danwas, Tejjan and Samaidan. All the above mentioned treks of Gulmarg are short trails and are of moderate type, which means traveler can trek thee distance in a customized way and can complete the journey within the trail of 48 hours.

Kashmir Tarsar Lake Marsar Lake trekking

It is a journey of 6 nights and 7 days and an entire trek goes beyond a height of 4100 meters. Its starting point is Srinagar and from here onwards you would make your move to Aru valley which is located at a distance of around 25 km from here. At Aru valley, traveler would rest their head for the night and in morning you can start your advent by walking the steep road of Lidder River, to complete the journey of Lidder valley traveler would require walking for around 6 hours and then you would ascend forward to Seikiwas and Tarsar Lake. Traveler would call off their day in Tarsar and with a dawn of morning they would start walking towards Marsar Lake. From Marsar one would travel ahead to Zazmarg valley and then would descend down to namdas village and then to Srinagar, where you would end your memorable trekking experience.

Kashmir great lake treks

The main motive of this trekking is to introduce trekkers with magnificent lakes of Kashmir. The trekking starts with your arrival at Srinagar and here trekkers are advised to stay for at least 24 hour to get acclimatized with weather condition. On next day traveler would drive the distance of Sonmarg which would take around 4 hours and here they would call off their day with a delight of upcoming event which would be more than a dream to trekkers. On next day trekkers would trek the distance of 9 km to reach Nichnai and they would pass through the circuit of Shekdur. At Nichnai traveler can either rest their head for next morning or can trail the distance of 12 km to reach Vishnusar Lake where it is advisable to pitch your tents to spend your blissful night. From here the next destination is Kishansar twin lakes and Gasdar pass. Satsar is a next nodal point and from here you would descend down to Ganagabal Twin Lakes and then to Naranag to reach Sonmarg and Srinagar. An entire trekking is of 8 days but it depends completely on your discretion how you would treat the distance and how far you would walk to save your time.

Important things to note

Since all the trekking leads to high elevation zone, so it advised to all trekkers to pack their stuff smartly and get first hand idea about route and distance. Things that traveler required to carry are hiking stick, wind shutter, tents, edibles, snacks, water, first aid kit, GPS tracker, comfortable clothes, layer kits, etc.

Rumtse Tsomoriri Trek

The journey towards Rumtse starts with the ride towards Gya village which is located at a distance of around 85 km. the Gya village during the phase of autocracy was ruled by the monarch Gyapacho in 10th century. The trekking trails here enable the potency of rover crossing and between the brilliance the seduction of Tsokar Lake would bemuse your mind.

Markha Valley Trek

Trekking within the gorgeous valley of Markha is amongst the most distinct and designated because an advent here would allow traveler to pass through the ranges of Himalaya that encloses the edges of the Indus valley and Zanskar region. Enigmatic landscape which is dominated by the gradient of terrain and narrow valleys is lived by the Buddhist people mostly Tibetans and the remote settlement where you will feel an estuary of Lord Buddha would make your journey amazing and sophisticated.

Sonamarg Gangabal Lake Trek

Trekking towards the valley of Gold that propels towards the blistering excellence of the  Nichinai pass to Gangabal Lake speaks about the real core of trekking. The trailhead which is located at a distance of 2 miles from the splendor of Sonmarg leads you towards the symphony of Shitkari village where you would witness the charm of Sind River and after crossing the site of river trekkers would follow the tour map that incorporates the lakes like Krishan Sar and Vishan Sar and Gangabal Lake.

Alpine Lakes Trekking

Kashmir Alpine Lakes Trek which is also renowned as Kashmir great lakes is amongst the most desired and fascinated trekking trails around India where ardent and budding trekkers looms around from all across the world to walk the paradise trail of Kashmir Alpine Lakes trekking.Whirls of Himalayas and tranquility of surrounding which is dominated by an aroma of seclusion makes the route exclusive and while navigating you feet to reach the height you would come across the gentle blooms of colorful orchids.

Gulmarg Pahelgam Sonemarg Trekking

Trekking around Kashmir has always been a matter of adventure especially when you pass through those snow clad ranges viewing the brilliance of white sheet and alluring the potency of captivation. Transparent dale of glaciers where ardent trekkers would trail through the mystique grandeur with an amazing apprehension looks to acclimatize their possession as if they were born within the womb of Himalayas. Through this article today we will talk about an exclusive Kashmir trekking that passes through the gem of Himalayan territory. 

Zanskar Trekking

Great Himalayas of Northern flanks which is dominated by the reverie of brilliance of Zanskar is amongst the most designated trekking trails around Leh, Ladakh where trekkers would have a maximum opportunity to understand the serenity of nature. Its remote location and snowy mountain passes makes it diligent for sightseeing and trekking. The vast stretch of Zanskar valley which is lived by the Tibetan people makes it ideal for trekking and tour.

Amarnath Trekking

Amarnath Cave which is located at an elevation of around 3888 m is amongstthe most designated and celestial trekking as compare to all excursions that trail within and across the dale of Kashmir. The virtue of divinity that dominates the entire journey of 5 days would allow adventure lover to understand the status of religious potency and topographical phenomenon which in turn would make your journey amazing and astounding. 

Chadar Trekking

Frozen river of Zanskar which is renowned for its trekking trails and amazing geographical positionis perched perfectly within the mystique valley of Zanskar where snowfall is a common terms and trekking is its synonyms. The frozen sheet that surrounds the site of Zanskar is renowned as Chadar trek and to revere or say to measure the same the trekkers comes from all across the world. Winter trekking within the solitary bliss of Chadar is amongst the most fascinating thing that traveler can ask for.

Stok Kangri Trek

Sama and Indul Trek within Leh, Ladakh is amongst the most sought after trekking circuit in Kashmir the mountain ranges and the passes of greater Himalaya that whispers the glory with the cloud clears the way which in turn would allows adventure lover (especially trekkers) to measure the height of Stok Kangri which is located at an elevation of around 6020 m.