Trecking in Himachal pradesh

Trekking is not merely a mountain walk; in fact we can say it is an exploration of everything that usually resides within the ranges of mountain. We also can define trekking as a journey across the limitations of nature's beauty won't be a wrong idea at all. Himachal Pradesh lovingly called as 'Home of Gods' and 'Home of Snow' is a hill state in the Western Himalayas and is known in the world for its natural scintillating beauty, greenery, tranquil environments and exciting adventure. Adventure enthusiasts here in Himachal Pradesh can have the most exciting time as this state has numerous mountain passes covering the length and breadth of the state. This beautiful state of Himachal has some of the finest trekking trails which are excellently adorned by the blossoming flowers, lush green meadows and wooded forests which truly are retreat that feast the eye of trekkers and also offer them heavenly ambiance to enjoy treks. The most popular routes for trekking in Himachal Pradesh are such as

. Beas Kund Trek - It is one of the most popular trek routes in Kullu Valley. Beas Kund is a holy Lake where Rishi Vyas took his daily bath. It is also the place from where River Beas originate. It is also a popular place adventure sports such as Ski Slopes and Paragliding. Dhundi camp offers the first glimpse of Mt. Hanuman Tibba and seven sisters. Mid June to September is considered to be the best time to explore.

Mcleodganj - Chamba - is a another exciting trek routes which offers the trekkers the opportunity to have a splendid view of the Pir Panjal and Dhaula Dhar mountain ranges. Mid of May till end of October is considered to be the best time to trek here.

These are some of the most favourable trekking trail where adventure lovers can go for high altitude Trekking and Low Altitude Trekking. Well if you are planning for trekking in Himachal Pradesh the best time to visit is April- May for low altitude trekking and June to October for strenuous and high altitude trekking.

So come and experience the thrill as well as fun and take back home billions of memorable memories from Himachal Pradesh.

Pin Parvati Pass – This trekking trail is one of the highest trek routes which measures 5319 meter pass which connects the Kullu Valley with Spiti Valley. Covering all the spectacular possible terrains such as plain land, thick forests, Moraine, snow clad mountain peaks, serene glacial lakes, the lush green meadows and the dry land terrains. July to end of September is the best time to trek here. 

kinner kailash Circuit - It is an exhausting trek which demands some high altitude trekking experience. As on your trekking trail of Kinner Kailash Circuit you also have a unique chance to explore the tribal culture of Kinnaur. Inner Line Permit required for Indian and Non Indians have to register themselves at ITBP check post. Note a valid Id is required. May to September is the best time to trek here in this region.

Manali Hamta Pass - This trekking trail starts near Prini village at height of 1700 meters and 3 km south of Manali and which ends at Chatru at Lahaul. This trekking tour last for 5 days and can be done by reasonably any fit person. The trail crosses the small villages of Hamta and Sethan. Hamta Pass offers a splendid view of Deo Tibba and Indrasan 6001 and 6221 meters respectively. Best time for trekking here is considered to be mid May to mid October. 

Triund Laka Glacier - This trekking trail is also considered as trekking paradise and is very famous among the foreigner tourists. It is situated near 9 km from Bhagsu Nag and Triund is name of a ridge in Dhaula Dhar Himalayans as it offers the very close look for Moon peak Indera Pass. March to June is considered to be the best time for trekking here. 

Chandertal Lake – Chandratal Lake is a spectacular Lake which is situated at height of 4200 meters. It is a bean shaped lake which has circumference of about 2.5 km. The terk here starts from Kunzum Pass situated at an altitude of 4550 meter above the main sea level. The panoramic views of the towering Himalayan peaks of the CB range are in the environs all around. The best time to trek here is July to August. 

Manimahesh Lake – Manimahesh Lake is a unique trek which is combination of adventure and religion. The trek is a grouping of twotreks; the first one being a small one day trek to Bharmani Devi Temple and the second one is three day treks to Manimahesh Lake. The highest point of the trek is 4115 meters above the main sea level, August and September is the prime time to enjoy Manimahesh Lake trekking.

Deo Tibba Base Camp - Deo Tibba is a Manali Valley peak which is immensely popular among those climbers that have abundant Mountaineering knowledge. It is truly a pleasing trek which takes you to Gaddi shepherds grazing pastures near the Chandratal Lake blue water offering excellent Deo views of the lynching glaciers. Everyone including the nature lover, trekker, flora enthusiasts and adventure seeker will love this. August to November is considered to be the best for trekking at Deo Tibba.

These are some of the prime and most favorable trekking trail where adventure lovers and nature enthusiastic can go for High and Low Altitude Trekking. So come and experience the thrill as well as fun and take back home billions of golden memories from scintillating Himachal Pradesh.  

Triund Trek

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, a trek to Triund gives a special weekend stay in the Himalayas to those looking for a quick Himalayan escapade. Located 18 km from Dharmshala makes it an adorable trek-able destination with well authentic trails providing amazing view of the absolute Kangra valley. It is said the evening sky view from Triund is a site in itself and is an acceptable alibi to pitch a tent for the night.

Sari Trek

This is very beautiful trekking trail with easy to moderate grading through the East South East of the Dhauladhars. The trek starts from Bir / Billing which is located at the height of 2800 meters aloft the main sea level and this spot is very renowned for hand gliding and parasailing. From here onwards one travels to River Uhl and the Government fish farms. The trekking trail passes through forests and gradually crosses over the Sari Pass which is anchored at 3500 meters above the main sea level into the Kullu valley.

Rawa Guna Trek

It is one of the most renowned and toughest treks which go through the western section of the Dhauladhars. The trek passes through the dense forests and the rustic villages and this is as well considered as the best trek to see the local people in their natural habitats. This trek inclines up to the gorgeous lake called the Kareri Lake which is anchored at the elevation of 3200 meters and then rollover back to the North of Mcleodganj. During this trekking everyday you are welcome by new features and terrains on the trek.

Kareri Trek

Located high the within ranges of Dhauladhar is the ideal egg-shaped glacial lake- Kareri Dal. While the majority of backpackers are seen assembling to Triund or Indrahar Pass circuit, the 17 km (one way) abbreviate expedition to Kareri Lake makes for a richer and quieter experience. During the summer season, the pasture lands are affluent with blooming alimental grass and an arrangement of wild flowers. The local village of Kareri stands below, amidst by the accomplishments of the mighty walls of Dhauladhar ridge.

Indrahar Pass Trek

This is one of the most renowned passes in the region due to the challenges it poses for trekkers and climbers, alike. Weather is irregular and becomes severe at no notice, the slopes have snow and ice, the ascend gets absolutely steep (1°C to 4 °C and 1° to 5°C). At a towering height 4350 meters aloft sea level, it is set within the most magnificent peaks in the range - Mun, Camel, Rifle horn, Two Guns, Slab and Dromedary Peak - and its adjacency to McLeodganj accomplish it a top favorite.

Dhauladhar Drakund Trek

This is one of the longest treks with moderate and hard incline. This long trek passes or goes through couples of passes in the Dhauladhar Range – Minkiani Pass (4250 meter) and Jalsu Pass (3600 meter). The trekkers as well pass through clusters of lakes on the western side and trekkers have an option to stay an extra day in order to explore the beautiful region. This long trail ends in a waterfall at Drakund and here as well the trekkers have an option of staying on extra day to recoup and restock.

Chamba Trek

This is a longest expedition and goes through Minkiani Pass (4250m) and has options to spend more time in two places - at Minkiani Got on Day 5 and /or Drakund on Day 6. Two days in the trek, Days 4 and 5, are hard. On Day 4 one can cross Minkiani Pass which is a harder ascend due to bedrock and ice. Add to it the climate which is very unpredictable in this particular area. Once over, on Day 5, one can go via a lake, Lam Dal, which is the second largest mountain lake in Himachal.