Srinagar Tour Packages

Srinagar widely popular as one of the jewels of Kashmir Tourism is visited by traveler from every corner of the world and they apparently come with tour package so that they cover the scenic points around in most appropriate way they suppose to. With tour package traveler would have an occasion to customize things and first hand information of agents along with generous guidance allows traveler to simplify their ideas so that they could get the best out of deal. So if you are planning to make your visit then contact your tour agent to bless you with the best and convenient service to make your advent memorable.

Tourist places around


Dal Lake:

the heart of Srinagar tourism, the Dal Lake is probably the most frequented sites of Srinagar. An emerald lake has a monopoly over local tourism as its transparent perennials allows traveler to view the beauty of surroundings beside that historic or glorious Shikhara ride would make the advent most traditional and remarkable.

Nishat Bagh:

The terraced Mughal Garden is possibly the best historic arcade where one can step in to enjoy their sightseeing. Set close to Dal Lake, it is the second largest garden of Kashmir valley and with distinction of flowers it invites nature lovers from different corner of the world Nishat Bagh which means garden of joy in English translation really brings a joy in life of tourist through its picture perfect environment.

Chasme Shahi:

constructed in and around 16th century, The Chasme Shahi is a renowned Mughal Garden constructed by governor of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The garden as per the account was commissioned during the season of spring and its perfect location that overlooks the beauty of Zabarwan range offers the sanity of pristine weather condition. The design of the garden is based on the theme of Persian garden and the types of blossom it has within its floor would make an advent memorable.

Hazratbal Mosque:

renowned for preserving the prophet hair of Islamic world, the mosque is one fine religious site where one would have an occasion to get the view of the relics which in sure would make your religious advent memorable. The silvery white construction of the mosque and domed figures decorates the religious floral of Srinagar and its apt religious helms invites devotee and pilgrims from every corner of the world.

Kheer Bhawani:

it is one of the monumental shires of Srinagar and owing to its religious potency it is visited by devotee throughout the year. Set at a distance of around 14 km from the main city it is universal amongst Kashmiri Hindus. The history of Kashmiri pundits is associated with the walls of the temple and still today it is preserved and popularized by the pundits of the land.

Salim Ali National Park:

sprawled over an area of around 9.07 square kilometer, Salim Ali National Park is a renowned hub for nature lovers and animal enthusiast. The park was constructed to pay tribute to great Indian Ornithologist Salim Ali.

Things to do

Shikhara ride:

traveler while coming here at Srinagar should not miss an opportunity to take on Dal Lake to enjoy the course of traditional Shikhara ride. The journey would give you insight view of its beauty beside that vast stretch of the lake allows traveler to choose the location to ride at.

Eating around:

While strolling around traveler would find fast food corner and local restaurants to enjoy the best of Kashmiri cuisine.


the golf course of Srinagar is a regular golf hub where one could come and try their hands to see how tracts are maintained and monitored to give the best of golfing experience.

Importance of tourism

From tourism point of view it is one of the best places where one would find the soul of comfort and serenity beside that presence of historic sites and religious manifest has made it even more balanced and grooving tourist places in earth. The positive aspect is that department of tourism is keeping good eye to develop the infrastructure and their humble approach have added more stars to the beauty.

Srinagar Shopping

Shopping in Srinagar is an extraordinary experience as shopping here will not involve you in roaming in the malls or boutiques in order to look for antique items. In fact there are innumerable items that Srinagar has, and is found nowhere else in the world. Some of the famous products of Srinagar are carpets, shawls, wood carved furniture, papier mache as well as dry fruits. Hence, if you are just thinking of your visit to Srinagar, take some extra bucks along with you as the place is going to amaze you with the wonderful items it has.

How to Reach Srinagar

Surrounded with beautiful mountains and lush greenery, Srinagar is a most fabulous tourist place to visit anywhere in the world. Literally, the word ‘Srinagar’ means 'the city of wealth and abundance'. This beautiful city located on the bank of Jhelum River is generously gifted with a treasure of nature. The city endows several magnificent attractions like Dal Lake, Mughal Gardens, Shankaracharya temple etc, which distinguish it from other tourist’s destinations around it. It is a dream destination for many tourists across the world.

Lakes And Gardens In Srinagar

The city of Srinagar is located in the northernmost state of India i.e. Jammu Kashmir.The state is well known for its beauty and most of the beauty that the state is blessed with is located in the city of Srinagar. The city is also known as the summer capital of the state. In Srinagar tourist places are many and are frequently visited by travelers from all walks of life all year round.

Pratap Singh Museum

Located at "Lal Mandi", Srinagar, Sri Pratap Singh Building is the capital building of Kashmir.Once it was the summer palace of the Maharajas of Kashmir. It became a museum in 1898. This building is accepted for its intense collection of the handicrafts of Jammu and Kashmir.

Shalimar Bagh

Srinagar set amidst the picturesque Kashmir valley at an altitudeof 1730 meters, the summer capital of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir is the most beautiful tourist place on earth. 

The Shankaracharaya Temple

The Shankaracharya temple is anchored in the Srinagar district on the hill accepted as Takht-e-Suleiman. It is housed at a height of 1100 feet aloft surface level of the capital city on the hill. It is believed that Raja Gopadatya got the temple complete in 371 BC, giving it the name of Gopadri.

Nagin Lake

The Kashmir Valley is not only recognized due to its scenic beauty;it is also prominent for its wonderful alliance of lakes. The Nagin Lake, undoubtedly, is counted among those lakes which offer undisturbed peace and serenity. Widely famed as the Jewel in the Ring, the Nagin Lake is one of the most spectacular lakes that the Kashmir Valley has ever had. Its beauty must not be described; it must only be seen and felt. It is a crucial subdivision of the Dal Lakes. Besides, the Nagin Lake is numbered as the most beautiful fraction of the Dal lakes.

Manasbal Lake

Located at a considerable distance of about 28kms from Srinagar,the summer capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the Manasbal Lake is counted as an offshoot of the Lake Manasarovar. It is one of the most exotic lakes of the Kashmir Valley, thereby captivating tourists from both national and international level. The Manasbal Lake presents a stunning view. Pinpointed in the Jhelum valley, the Manasbal Lake is truly a sight to behold.