Shopping in Andaman Islands

The untouched and unspoilt archipelago of islands of the Andaman and Nicobar group drips of unmatched natural beauty and pleasing environment.The clear blue sky, emerald green water, lush green vegetation and pleasant climate all come together to provide you a holiday destination of your dream. The silvery beaches, exotic marine life and calm and peaceful surroundings enrich your experience and leave you wanting for more. There are a whole lot of activities for the tourist to indulge in while holidaying in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. Besides sightseeing, soaking up the culture and history and playing the various water sports, shopping at Andaman Islands is a major activity for the tourist.

Shopping in Andaman is a delightful experience. There are so many choices to choose from. The capital city of Port Blair is a major shopping centre where you can shop for a lot of things like corals, seashells, shell jewellery, tortoise shells, palm mats, coconut products like lamps, bowls, etc, woodcrafts and furniture, Nicobarese mats etc. Since the island is dotted with coconut and palm trees and coconut trees being the most useful of all, where none of its part is useless, you can find various products made from coconut trees here to shop. Some of the popular places for shopping are Aberdeen Bazaar, Sagarika Government Emporium, Andaman Handicrafts Emporium, Goalghar, Delanipur, Prem Nagar and Junglighat. This is one of the best places to shop for handicrafts. Thus you will definitely find the perfect souvenir to commemorate your holiday and buy some gifts for your friends and relatives back home.

Aberdeen bazaar can be visited to purchase cheap clothes and household goods. Visit the Sagarika Government Emporium and the Andaman Handicrafts Emporium for wood carvings, bamboo and cane furniture, shell jewellery etc. Curio and jewellery shops and emporiums, handicrafts bazaars all dot the place providing you with a wide variety to choose from. You can find pretty jewellery made of shells like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other beautiful pearl jewelleries here. The furniture on sale is made up of the local pedauk wood which is strong and durable. The markets are located at close distance to each other and will not be too tiring for you to visit all of them. Along with shopping you can try some of the tasty local food in one of those many food joints that are found in these shopping centres. Liquor sale is unrestricted in these islands and you can find many bars and local shops selling them at a reasonable price. There are government owned shops as well as private shops selling a wide variety of items. Shopping in the Andaman’s is affordable and the prices are reasonable. You can bargain at the private shops and get a good deal for yourself.