Red Skin Island

Red Skin Island which is amongst the 537 islands of Andaman and Nicobar is amongst the most sensational water fronts of the Indian Union Territory. Flowing eternally with the mark of nature the beautiful corals of the Red Skin Island settles itself within the northern part of Port Blair. Long coastal line that surrounds the glory of the Red Skin Island makes it spectacular and from here traveler can view the plinth of nature which is not obstructed by any force and boundaries. The corals and the reefs living within the entity of the island has made it the hub of tourist and to revere the same the traveler hops in from all across the world.


Since Red Skin Island is positioned rightly within the periphery of Marine National park the island plays an important role in preserving the corals and the aquatic life living within the depth and also comes into picture while cultivating the brilliance of the surroundings. The less polluted and virgin relief of the Island compliments the diversity of corals. Nature lovers are sure to have their share here because the serenity from tourism perspective plays an important in making this island one of the significant tourism hub of the locals. Traveler and adventure enthusiast walks here from all across the world during the time of season to understand the distinct varieties of corals and since we understand that coral plays a major hand in conserving the flows and preserving the marine life thus island has its status and own reputation.

Water Activities

As mentioned above the water freak and adventure lover would love the surroundings as its ambience allows many exciting activities to have their share here. Snorkeling is the most performed water activities here this water sports would allow traveler to witness the marine flora and fauna which would be a different experience altogether. Besides Snorkeling traveler can opt for swimming if the temperature is low. One must understand that they would require gearing up with the fin in order to enjoy the course of swimming but let swimming be a secondary thing because the assortment of snorkeling would blow your mind away so try snorkeling rather than swimming. Beside water activities traveler can buy a time here at Red Skin Island for sightseeing and during boat transportation the view of the surroundings which would turn to murky orange when the dying rays of sun would hit the water waves of the island would captivate your brain.

Things to Note

While snorkeling if the temperature of the island is low than make sure to wear wet suit to enjoy the luster of the sea life.

Best Time to Visit

Traveler should come here during the months of summer season especially between the months of April till May to live the moment of life within the silent wave of the Red Skin Island.

Nearby Attraction

Some of the renowned attractions that surround the site of the Red Skin Island are Corvyns cove, Vetrimalai Murugan temple, Roman Catholic Church, Sri Karpaga Vinayakar Temple, Jolly Buoy Island, Japanese Bunker, Sagarika government emporium, Zoological survey of Indian Museum, Chatham Saw Mill, Marantha full gospel church and many more.