Rangat Island

Sprawling over an outstanding area of about 1070sq km resides the very striking Rangat Island in the mid-Andamans. Bounded by rich green surroundings, breath taking waterfalls and mind blasting islands, the Rangat Island is one of the most visited islands of the Andaman archipelago. Such is the magnificence of the place that it attracts tourists throughout the year. Surrounded by thick jungles, the Rangat Island is positioned in the middle portion of the Andamans. Though there are not much places to observe, the Island is yet important, as the travellers visit the Island mainly to advance towards Havelock Islands.

Located at a distance of about 210kms from the capital city of Port Blair, the Rangat Island is actually a hilly arena with numerous coconut shades. The very name Rangat means “Beauty and Joy” , thus we can imagine the beauty and joy it holds. Moreover, boats are always available for your service.

Places to visit in and around Rangat Island

The Rangat Island is considered as the gateway to the Havelock Islands. It abounds some of the versatile places. Following are some of the places:

Cutbert Bay Beach-Pinpointed at a manageable distance of about 12km from Rangat resides the Cutbert Bay Beach is quite a long beach. Many tropical forests are found marking the beach. The beach is a breeding ground for turtles. One the other hand, tourists also enjoy elephant rides along the tropical forest. Access to elephant training camps is also approved.

Amkunj Bay beach-On the way to the Cutbert Bay Beach, another sandy beach famed as the Amkunj Bay Beach can be found. The beach is extremely popular as it offers fun-filled pleasures like swimming and sun-bathing. People can simply relax and bask in the golden beach under the dazzling sun.

Panchavati Hills-The Panchavati Hills bear a stunning and vivacious waterfall, which enchants numerous tourists. One can find an agricultural farm on the way to the Hills. The farm is well renowned for encompassing a loaded depository of vegetation, which is recognized as a paradise for the lovers and admirers of botany. .

Merk Bay Beach-Residing in the lap of the North Island, the Merk Bay Beach offers tremendous sandy beach. The beach encompasses evergreen jungles and serene environment. Surprisingly, in a world where pollution is increasing every single minute, the Merk Bay Beach is one of those where the environment has somehow managed to stay untouched and unpolluted. Famous for its corals, the white beach is very much ideal for snorkelling and swimming. If lucky enough, one can also spot dolphins.

Things to remember

Before setting out for the Beach, one must always remember to prove their tickets.One must always carry safe drinking water and some snacks with them.If one is opting for any water sports, then they must carry an extra pair of clothes. It is recommended to take a water-resistant camera as the ones offered by the locals may prove quite expensive.One can also carry medicines, in case of any sort of sea-sickness.

Best time to visit

One can visit the beach between late November to mid March.