Ramnagar Beach

Pinpointed in the northern region of the Diglipur Island, the Ramnagar Beach subsides at a manageable distance of 15kms from Kalighat. Circumscribed by palm and coconut trees, the Ramnagar Beach is truly a place of heavenly beauty on earth. The lush green surroundings, the dazzling sand, the crystal clear waters; all add to the magnificence of the Beach. The beach provides an excellent a versatile view of the sprinkled sand, which is the chief attraction of the beach. If one wants to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, then the Ramnagar Beach is an ideal one.

Tourism Value

The Ramnagar Beach is one of the most exotic beaches of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is dotted by tourists not only from national level but also from international level. The dispersed grains of sand are one of the main reasons of tourist attraction. The sandy beach offers the travellers an opportunity to spend some quality time. The beach also proves to be a resting abode. Another crucial reason for the popularity of the beach is that the beach is an ideal honeymoon destination. As a result, it is always flooded by newly wedded couples. Couples from different parts of the world pay a visit to the place. Besides this, the Beach also provides you with some of the adventure sports like scuba diving and snorkelling, thereby attracting innumerable tourists every year.


The Ramnagar is a fun-filled beach where one gets to explore the scenic beauty of the place and the adventurous opportunities it offers. The beach takes you into a different world-a marine world. Scuba diving and snorkelling are some of the activities that help you to take a step forward in the vicinity of the marine world.

Scuba Diving

The enlivening flair of Scuba diving is a principal tourist attraction. The attractiveness of Scuba Diving is hidden in the fact that one can extract a closer peek of the enthralling marine life hidden in disguise of grand water bodies, pulsating fishes and unquestionably intriguing corals. Submerged photography is a very big attraction. Scuba diving helps you to reveal the mysteriousness of the sunken ships, thus satisfying the curiousness of the visitors.


Snorkelling is another trendy adventure sport of the Ramnagar Beach. One can eyewitness such divine beauty that cannot be witnessed through any other sport. A multi-coloured alliance of a hotchpotch of turtles, sharks, sun-rays and corals is reflected. The essence of this beautiful sight is truly breath taking Besides this, one can also opt for photography. It is obvious to capture the magnificence and beauty of such a spectacular beach. Thus, the place is ideal for photographers. Ramnagar Beach in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the dwelling place of the turtles. One can also spend a small vacation in the beach or take a sunbath. People are usually found basking in the sun under the blue sky. The beach encompasses a huge variety of fauna, thereby boosting up the wildlife colony. If one is a wildlife freak, then he can opt for trekking in Ramnagar Beach .

Best time to visit

Generally, the luxury of Ramnagar Beach can be explored during any part of the year. But one wants to witness the grandeur of the spring flowering, then the months of December and early April is the best time.