Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach, an integral part of the Havelock Islands, needs no specific introduction or description in the world of beaches. It is one of the most renowned beaches of the world. Popularly known as Beach No. 7, the Radhanagar Beach is truly a sight to behold. One must definitely visit the beach at least once in a lifetime. It is so beautiful that its beauty cannot be described in words. The fine sand dazzles under the bright sun, the sea waves slowly kiss the sand, the clear blue sky quietly peeps into the divine beauty and the bountiful green environs blush upon this splendid act. This seems like a fairy tale to all of us. In order to be a part of this captivating fairy tale, it is mandatory to visit this exotic beach.

Tourism Value

Such is the grandeur of the beach that it has been recognized as the best beach of Asia and the world’s seventh best beach by the Time magazine. This is truly a huge honour for the Indian Republic. Anybody would desire to witness the best beach of Asia, thereby boosting up the tourism industry. The Radhanagar Beach is one of the most visited beaches of the world, thus attracting innumerable tourists every year. Tourists are dumbstruck by the magnificence of the beach. The spectacular sandy beaches and prolific green forests are truly incredible. It is indeed one of the best gifts that nature has endowed Andaman with. The beach sets the Andaman Islands proud.


The Radhanagar Beach is a complete package. It is a lumber room of numerous activities. The place is a heaven for adventure lovers. Besides the gorgeousness of the beach, the tourists can also be a part of some adventure such as snorkelling, swimming and scuba diving.

Scuba Diving

The invigorating proficiency of Scuba diving is a principal tourist attraction. The attractiveness of Scuba Diving lies in the fact the one can get a closer peep of the enthralling marine life. This life hides in the form of marvellous water bodies, vivacious fishes and undeniably intriguing corals. Submerged photography is a very big attraction. Scuba diving helps you to expose the enigma of the sunken ships, thereby quenching the thirst of the intrusive ones. Scuba diving truly instils innovation in you.


Snorkelling is another popular adventure sport of the Radhanagar Beach. Through snorkelling, one can eyewitness such blissful beauty that cannot be witnessed through any other sport. A gaudy alliance of a multiplicity of sharks, sun-rays and corals is portrayed. This sight sets the tourists startled. One must not talk about such a grand beach, one must only see and feel the loveliness of the place; and if you do so, you will surely fall for the beach. The place is not only meant for the adventure freaks or the lovers of nature, the place spreads its bounty among the families, the honeymoon couples and the singles. If one wants to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, then the Radhanagar Beach is an ideal one. The place is also a very popular honeymoon destination. Newly wedded couples flock to the place in order to spend some quality time as the place has nothing to create a disturbance between the two souls. If one wants to have a fun filled experience with their friends, then the Radhanagar Beach will bless you with the time of your life. The view of the setting sun is awesome. One can also take pleasure in the fun-filled elephant rides. One can also spend enjoy swimming and boat rides. The Beach also provides one of the impressive sun baths of the world. In addition to that, one can also opt for fishing, bird watching and trekking. The Radhanagar Beach has a lot to give and the visitors have a lot to gain. So, do come and explore the fun out of this place.

Things to Remember

One must seek a tourist permit before accessing the Radhanagar Beach. Snacks and water must be definitely carried by the visitors. One must make sure that the beach should be abandoned by 4pm otherwise you may find yourself lost amid the dark woods.