Pondichery Tour Packages

One of the most beautiful destinations that you can come across in the small union territory of Puducherry is Pondicherry. Located on the coastal area of southern India nearby the state of Tamil Nadu, this tourist destination was once a French colony. Owing to its French heritage, this town offers visitors an ambience that is strikingly similar to the romantic country of France. Not only the ambience but the immense beauty of natural surroundings that encompasses this particular town is what makes it a special destination. With Pondicherry tour packages you can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty and rich colonial heritage at ease as we bring to you the best of all that it has to offer.

Attractions In and Around

Promenade Beach

being a coastal town there are a large number of beaches that adorn its coastline and one of the best among them is the Promenade beach. The beach is a well maintained one and it is equipped with provisions for tourists and locals alike to sit and relax while enjoying the spectacular sunset on the watery horizon. It also has a manmade pavement that runs along and thorough parts of the beach which makes walking much easier as compared to that on sand. At the end of the beach there is also a sea facing restaurant where you can get a quick bite to satiate your taste buds and stomach.

Botanical Garden

once an agricultural testing ground, the botanical garden is one of the most beautiful places in town. The botanical garden was established by G.S. Perrorret as an initiative to conserve the flora of the region. The garden has over 1500 species of plants and trees including some exotic varieties which are very rare. The garden is a well planned one complete with gravel walks, pathways, dancing fountains, Japanese garden and a toy train that runs along the perimeter. It also has a memorial dedicated to G.S. Perrorret, who made converted this place into a beautiful garden from an agricultural testing ground.


this settlement is perhaps something that is the most well known among the various attractions at Pondicherry. Established in the year 1968 by a spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo, Mira Richard as an experimental township which was universal, this place is a grand example of unity among human beings from different parts of the world. The township was designed by a renowned French architect known as Roger Anger and has been globally recognized by UNESCO who also funded the project along with the Indian government.

Old Lighthouse

this particular light house can be said to be synonymous with Pondicherry. Built in the early 19th century this light house has guided many ships into safe harbor during storms. It can be said that the lighthouse is like a guardian angel looking over the coast of Pondicherry ready to help anyone in need. The light house stands 29 meters tall with a square base that has a 9 meter deep foundation.

Du Pleix statue

located at the end of the famed Promenade road, the Du Pleix statue is a memorial statue dedicated to the erstwhile French governor of Pondicherry during the colonial era. The statue is a representation of Joseph Francios Dupliex who once served as the governor here.


There are a wide variety of water sports that you can indulge in when at Pondicherry and some of the best known ones are:-

Scuba Diving

this amazing activity that opens up the vast uncharted territory of underwater is something that one should definitely try when here. Swimming with the fishes and seeing them in their natural habitat is something that is inexplicably grand an experience.


ride the waves on your surf board and conquer them with your skills. This exciting activity is found only in a handful of places all over India and when opportunity presents itself here at Pondicherry, go for it.


if you want more of a challenge than surfing, windsurfing is the thing for you. Riding the waves with the wind powering your sails is an exhilarating indulge that will surely get you high on adrenaline.

Botanical Garden, Pondicherry

Sprawling over an area of 22 acres, Botanical Garden of Pondicherry is a must visit attraction in the city. With splendid fountains, large aquarium with wide collection of fishes, dancing fountains, train to spread joy among the children and Japanese rock Botanical Garden of Pondicherry is truly one such tourism attraction where tourist are sure to have some splendid time to see, learn and experience.

Ousteri Wetland National Park

Geographically located in both Pondicherry and Tamilnadu, Ousteri Wetland National Park that spreads over an area of 10 kms is situated just 10 kms from Pondicherry town. Gifted with extra-ordinary and rich vegetation, flora and fauna the rich bio-diversity of Wetland National Park draws the attention of tourists from far and wide. It is an ideal destination for bird watching and tourist visiting here can enjoy exploring the beauty of the national park which is simply extra ordinary.

Promenade Beach

Promenade Beach or more popularly known as the Pondicherry beach is one of the most popular beachfront that is located in the beautiful city of Puducherry India. This beach lies along the Bay of Bengal and stretches for about 1.2 kms. It starts from the War Memorial and ends at Duplex Park on the Goubert Ave. The long stretch of the beach is mostly rocky and has provision to sit around and there is also a pavement for morning and evening walk.

Bonjour Bonheur Ocean Spray

Overlooking the imposing Bay of Bengal, Bonjour Bonheur Ocean Spray, Pondicherry offers quality accommodation to guests. The hotel is elegantly designed to best suit the needs of both business and leisure travelers. The hotel is always ready to welcome guests with its exceptional service and facilities. It provides guests an ideal place to explore the majestic beauty of Pondicherry. The warm hospitality in the hotel is accompanied with lovely ambience.

Our Lady Lourdes Shrine

Our Lady Lourdes Shrine in Pondicherry is one of the most popular Roman Catholic shrine that is devoted to Our Lady of Lourdes. It is a popular Marian shrine that is located in Vilianur town of Pondicherry. A new Church was planned and sanctioned by Archbishop Rev. Dr. Antony Anandarayar to accommodate the growing number of pilgrims as the existing church could not accommodate all of them. This church hosts numerous feasts and celebrations all through the year and is thus frequented by thousands of pilgrims every year.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

One of the most famous and sacred pilgrimage spots for the Christians, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a landmark in Pondicherry. It is located in the south boulevard of the city and is an oriental specimen of Gothic architecture. With its rare stained glass panels depicting events from the life of Christ and saints of the Catholic Church, this is one of the most popular tourist spots of the city along with being a part of its history and heritage.

Pondicherry shopping

Shopping in Pondicherry could be fun if you are looking for shop clues. The cosmopolitan environment of the town makes it one of the biggest shopping arcades of India. Shopaholic people are sure to love its glowing ambience which is glittered with mesmerizing shops and woos of the surrounding would make you go like wow the moment you will start seeing things around. To experience the magnifying side of shopping hop in here as numerous souvenir and mementos are waiting for you to try its brilliance.

Restaurants in Pondicherry

Pondicherry has unique culture and tradition influenced by the colonial rule of French. The impact of colonial culture can also been seen it its culinary and foods habits of the local people. Hosts of restaurants are operating in Pondicherry serving plethora of scrumptious dishes especially European and Asian flavours. These restaurants also ensure impeccable services and quality ambience that add more charm to your dining experience.

How to Reach Pondicherry

Nestled away from hustle and bustle of big cities, Pondicherry is a small town and an iconic tourist destination. The town endows a rich historical background, magnificent heritage buildings and awe-inspiring sceneries like virgin beaches and placid backwaters. Tourists across the world visit in large number every year to explore the charm of the town. Reaching Pondicherry does not pose any problem as it is well connected with all the modes of transportation such as airways, railways and roadways.