Pilgrimage in Kashmir

Kashmir is a land of chronicles of spiritual abode and it is renowned for its secular prominence. The celestial relief is synchronized by harmonious thought and a peaceful environment around definitely confirms the fact that the land is influenced by a hallowed divinity. The picturesque Himalayan range of Kashmir is blessed with the power of lords and it is believed that its majestic brilliance was lived by great sage and saints of different religious. The temples, mosque, gururdwara and church around talks about religious tolerance and for pilgrimage, penance an epitome of religious fraternity is pristine and perfect.

Famous pilgrimage destinations

Amarnath cave:

the holy cave of Amarnath, dedicated to mighty Lord Shiva is amongst the most consecrated temple of Kashmir, located at a distance of around 145 km from the mainstream of Srinagar the cave is praised for its miraculous power. It is believed that the Shiva lingam within the cave is formed out of ice and it never liquefies. Beside that there is a myth that on a full moon day ice start taking a form of lingam, on this day Lord Shiva shared the secret of life, dead and immortality with Goddess Parvati. The lingam inside the cave holds the special significance and every year Jammu and Kashmir organizes a holy pilgrimage to praise the glory of Lords Shiva.

Vaishno Devi

Situated at a distance of around 62 km away from Jammu, the Vaishno devi which is located at an elevation of around 1615 m above mean sea level is a holy temple dedicated to praise the glory of Goddess Vaishno. Beisde that the three rocks cut statues inside represents the glory of Devi Kali, Devi Saraswati and Devi Lakshmi. The pilgrimage to Vaishno devi is amongst the most important from religious point of view but a journey to the slopes are not easy, one would have to climb the steep rock of Katra and would have to walk for hours to reach the point of culmination. It is surprising and could be an extreme faith that people tends to cover an entire distance bare foot and rolls over the streets to perform the glory of pilgrimage, it is said that once in a lifetime people must perform pilgrimage to attain salvation.

Hazratbal Shrine

The memorial of Hazratbal is silently located at an estuary of Dal Lake and it is one of the most significant pilgrim places for Islam followers. It is believed that the place has a treasure of Prophet Mohammad’s in the form of hair and it has been trace in a holy casket. To see the same traveler comes here from every corner of the world and during auspicious festivals, you would be shocked to see an outburst of crowd. The shrine was constructed somewhere around in the 17th century by Muslim Auqaf trust. It is said that Muslim people should visit this place in order to attain salvation beside that it is a doctrine written in a verse of holy Quran that one should always be dutiful towards god and pilgrimage is a way to perform a holy duty.

Monasteries of Ladakh

Ladakh is a hub of Buddhism and here people follow different sect of Buddhism, the most acceptable are Hinayana and Mahayana sect. the Buddhist monasteries around like Hemis gompa, Sankar and Likhir are amongst the most popular and historic gompas and it can be considered as plinth of Buddhism in Ladakh. All the gompas around are blessed by celestial hands of Rinpoche beside that each of it holds are spiritual testimony of its own to praise the glory of Lord Buddha. The monasteries around are not just renowned for its tale of divinity but the majestic harmony of Gompas are serenade of pilgrimage where Buddhist people comes from every corner of the world.

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