Patnitop Tour Packages

Patnitop located within the Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir is a hill top tourist destination where traveler comes from every corner of the world to enjoy the panoramic view of the surroundings beside that mild weather condition here would allow you to breathe freshness in air. To enjoy the most of it we would suggest traveler to tag along with tour package since they would know your plans and desire and they would look too subsumed according to your prospects.

Tourist places around Patnitop

The Naag temple

The Naag Temple located at Mantalai is one of the premier attractions of Patnitop tourism. The temple is idealized by devotee because of its mysticism and legendary tale. The holy gates of temple is dedicated to Naag dewta who is considered as sub ordinate of Lord Shiva and during the time of festive season specifically during Naag Panchami you would see traveler coming in to pay their homage.


Sanasar is a paradise for adventure lover beside that scenic reverie around would surely reach your testimonials and then would foster your mind to pitch a tent to stay here for forever. The glorious endeavor of nature and silent serenity around calls for gentle trekking besides that camping could be a next big thing that traveler would look to contemplate with.


It is an amazing tourism spot where you would have an occasion to view the remains of Madhatop covered within the clad of snow and to reach here traveler would require trekking the distance of around 5 km from Patnitop. Around its periphery traveler would see the gentle flow of 3 fresh water springs and it is believed that the springs that flows eternally has a curative power to heal diseases.


Perched perfectly at an elevation of around 1855 m, the Kud is a Himalayan destination where you should come in to understand the sweet culture of local people beside that Kud is renowned for its sweets and if you are a man of sweet tooth than definitely you would hurl in here to try their Patisa which is very popular around Patnitop.

Shiva Garh

Located at a trekking distance from Patnitop, it is set perfectly at an elevation of around 3500 m, adventure lovers are sure to have their share while walking here beside that after reaching the top of Shiva Garh traveler would have an occasion to view the glory of natural surroundings.

Mansar Lake

Mansar Lake is a holy sites and its surrounding is covered by thick forest and hills where traveler comes in practice excursions beside that there are historical temples at either side of the Lake where devotee comes from every corner of the world to perform pilgrimage and penance.

Sunriser Lake

This lake is a perfect place for those who are looking to experience the bliss of solitude. The lake is a bounty of nature and its periphery is densely covered by vivid species of vegetation. The Lake in common is associated with the tale of Mahabharata and that has made it one of the famous lakes of Patnitop.

Things to do

Trekking is the first thing that traveler would look to perform while coming here. Beside that the hilly tracks has many trekking trails that leads you to Billo ki Pouri, Sudh Mahadev, Shiva garh, etc.

Sightseeing and natural walk is another set of mild venture that traveler can look practice while coming here. The several hill points and scenic surrounding around would take you to a different world where you would just have an option explore and discover.

Best time to visit

The season of summer that starts from the month of March and last till May could be a most favorable time to make your visit here.

How to reach Patnitop

Patnitop is a generous tourist destination of Jammu and Kashmir, perched perfectly at an elevation of around 2024 m, the hill station has a charming plateau that calls for rush of adventure. The most prolific part of this serene tourist spot which is at a distance of around 100 km from Jammu is its virgin area and undisturbed natural surroundings. During the time of pick season you would see traveler and adventure lover coming from every corner of the world to enjoy their advent.