Pahalgam Tour Packages

Many people thinks that Pahalgam is a rustic hill station ironically they are not aware of the fact that is more than just a hill station but it is a different world altogether, where traveler would have an occasion to boast with the bounty of nature beside that cultural diversity it possess would make your advent memorable. The sequence of gentle breeze that blows from the mighty Himalaya calls for tourist reverence beside that its lustrous tourist places around would allow your see the other side of its beauty. While coming here we would suggest traveler to come with Kashmir tour package or especially Pahalgam tour package so that you could get the best from your venture.

Tourist places around

Betaab Valley

Located at a distance of around 7 km from Pahalgam, the Betaab Valley is a scenic tourist where traveler would have an occasion to view the glory of mountains and dense valley covered by thick vegetation of pine and deodar. The dale of Betaab was once on the screen of Sunny Deol’s movie and there we could see the splendor of outrageous garden glossed with the sprinkles of springs that runs from the womb of Shesnag River.


Aru is a splendid village located at a distance of around 11 km from Pahalgam, the village is set at an elevation of around 2408 m and it is renowned for its trekking trials that pass through the gorgeous walks of Lidderwat and Kolahoi glaciers.


It is a lush valley that portrays the glory of Mother Nature, the dense vegetation that envelopes its beauty makes it perfect tourist destinations where nature lovers comes from every corner of the world. Beside that the horizons of snow clad mountains would ticked your heart and would take you beyond the reach of time.


Nestled at an elevation of around 2923 m, the mesmerizing brilliance of Chandanwari is renowned for its snow bridge and it is the point from where the world famous pilgrimage of Amarnath begins. It would be best to stroll here during the month of July till august to enjoy an exemplifying beauty of the site.


Mattan is an important Hindu religious site and people come here from every pocket to perform pilgrimage in order to attain salvation. Located at a distance of around 2 km from Anantnag it is a place where sun god is invokes to gain blessings. The temple around its site would tell you a story regarding its spiritual importance beside that the beautiful Shiva Lingam is a main attraction of site.


It is renowned as camping site and for back packers it could prove to be heaven. Perched perfectly at an elevation of around 3408 m, the hamlets of Lidderwat are serene in nature and it is a trekking point to reach the hill top destination of Lidderwat.

Things to do

Trekking in common is the best possible thing that traveler can look to do while coming here. There are several trekking trials that starts from the point of Lidderwat and Aru and would lead you to an ultimate height from where trekkers would have an occasion to get crystal clear view of the milieu.

Pilgrimage is another important thing that devotee can practice here to attain freedom from the cycle of life and death. Within the Himalayan location of Pahalgam traveler would find ample of temples associated with mighty mythological tale where you can come in to revere the divinity of god.

Natural walk, sightseeing and photography are the most obvious things that traveler would practice during their venture at Pahalgam and while doing that don’t forget to interpret and preserve the glory of Mother Nature.

Best time to visit

The season of summer that starts from the month of March till May is the most suitable season to start your venture.

Shopping in Pahalgam

Shopping could be fun in Pahalgam and here while shopping the most amazing thing that shopaholic would come across is variety of handloom and handicrafts that solemnly represents the culture of local people. Within the quaint surroundings of mesmerizing dale there is no scarce of skillful people and their artistic work could be trace from the glory of their amazing works which could be considered as souvenir of your journey. So while coming here don’t just stroll around but hop into some premier emporium and street marts to see what they have for you.

How to reach Pahalgam

Nestled at a convergence of Shesnag Lake and Lidder River, Pahalgam is a humble hamlet that descends with flow of eternal horizon of nature. The virtue of brilliance is noted lied within its elevation that measures around 2130 m but beauty of the spot lies in its nature which is simple yet sophisticating. Undulating meadows of green perhaps makes it superior beside that thick vegetation the surrounds its area calls for natural adventure trek. The tourist destinations around are ample and each of it has its own distinction and caliber to attract traveler.

Baisaran Valley

The Baisaran Valley requires no precise introduction or description.It is well renowned for the amazing picturesque it offers. Rightly known as Mini Switzerland, the Baisaran Valley is one of the most spectacular places that Kashmir has ever had. The valley offers a striking view of Pahalgam. It is a perfect place to relax. Surrounded by mind blasting mountains and lush green surroundings, the Baisaran Valley provides a stunning view. The valley is one of the hotspots of the tourists, thereby attracting a large number of tourists every year.

Betaab Valley

The Betaab Valley requires no specific introduction or description. It is well renowned for the amazing picturesque it offers. Positioned at a considerable distance of about 15kms from Pahalgam in the Anantnag district, the Betaab valley is the most visited valley of the northern state of Jammu and Kashmir. The valley has a lot to boast about its beauty and the visitors have a lot to witness about its beauty. The valley resides on the way to the very auspicious Amarnath temple amid Chandanwari and Pahalgam.

Bataab Valley

Betaab Valley was earlier termed as Hagoon or HAGAN VALLEY afore 1983. Then in the same year a bollywood movie called Betaab, starring Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh ( Famous Bollywood actors) which appeared to be a blockbuster with maximum grossing revenue in that year.