North East Adventure Tours

Coronation Trek

A history of Sikkim is long and legendry and trekking is a part of their culture that remains immemorial to time. The Himalayan ranges and mountainous slopes are apt and inch perfect to meet the adventure rush of traveler and Coronation trek that starts with Pelling and passes through the glorious mark of Yuksom is an exceptional trekking circuit that defines their ancestral tradition and custom.

Kalimpong Trek

A bustling beauty of Kalimpong which is at a distance of around 15 km from Teesta River is a sub-division of Darjeeling and it is one of the most adventurous tourist places of West Bengal. The might Himalayan ranges and winding hilly slopes together with cascading flow of numerous streams makes it a bounty of nature beside that peaceful ambience and calm weather condition grace this little hill station with all the essentials.

Mountain biking

Adventure sports are something that is synonymous with Darjeeling. White water rafting, trekking and rock climbing were the mainstream adventure related sports that this hill station was famed for however in the recent years more varieties have come up. One of the adventure sports that has come up in the recent years is Mountain biking.

Paragliding in Darjeeling

Ever had the desire to fly like an eagle and the wind blowing in your hair? Have you ever dreamt of touching the clouds and feeling them in your hands? Have you ever felt the need to get away where it’s just you and silence? Well, your desires to fly and be one with the wind now are possible in Darjeeling, the Queen of Hills.

Darjeeling Ropeway

Darjeeling ropeway which was started in 1968 and administered by a forest department is a prime destination for a tourist to try a cable ride and it runs deep into a valley of wonderful Singla on the banks of the Ramman River, which with Little Rangeet, meets the Great Rangeet. Stopping at Tukver, Burnesbeg and Singla tea estates, the ropeway passed over dense forests, mountain ridges, waterfalls, flowing rivers, green valleys and tea gardens.

White Water Rafting

Darjeeling, the queen of hills has always been one of the most favoured destinations to beat the heat and rejuvenate oneself. Located at an elevation of 6710 feet this beautiful hill station is a haven for tourists who come in search of beauty, adventure and inspiration. Tourism is one of the main revenue generators and therefore with the passage of time areas of indulgence for the tourists have been growing wider. This hill station has always been known for adventure sports such as trekking and rock climbing however in the recent decade “White Water Rafting” has gained popularity.

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