Neil Island

To be found at a distance of 36kms from the capital city of Port Blair, the Neil Island is a perfect tourist destination. Widely renowned as the Vegetable Bowl of the Andamans. The Neil Island is one of the most marvellous islands of the archipelago. Neil Island is named as such because of the outsized production from the areas as a result of the cultivation principles set with the support of complimentary climatic circumstances. The place encompasses such outstanding beauty that it can create a spell on any of the visitors.

Tourism Value

Residing in the lap of nature, the Neil Island is counted among those islands which provide you with the most wanted thing in the world-peace and relaxation. Tourists flock to the place in order to extract some peace from the Neil Island. People are found relaxing here amid the lush green surroundings. One can lie and roll themselves in the soft golden sand dazzling under the bright grand sun. Anybody would love to seek such type of pleasure. The Neil Island is progressing at a rapid rate and is emerging as a major tourist destination of the Andamans. Tourists usually like to spend time in calm and less-noisy shades such as the Neil Island.


The Neil Island is a storehouse of entertainment and offers some of the best food and water sports. Some of the water sports are illustrated below.

Scuba Diving

The motivating proficiency of Scuba diving is a chief tourist attraction. The magnetism of Scuba Diving slurs in the fact the one can get a closer fleeting look of the exciting marine life. This life hides in the sketch of breathtaking water bodies, effervescent fishes and indubitably exciting corals. Immersed photography is a very big appeal. Scuba diving helps you to represent the pensiveness of the sunken ships, thereby quenching the thirst of the intrusive ones.


Snorkelling is another popular adventure sport of the Neil Island. Through snorkelling, one can eyewitness such enjoyable attractiveness that cannot be witnessed through any other sport. An elaborate merger of a diversity of sharks, sun-rays and corals is evident. This sight sets the tourists anxious.


If one is not interested in some adventure, then fishing is always there as an option.


Coral-watching is another prime attraction of the Neil Island. One can view a beautiful array of corals.

Things to remember

Evade yourself from night swimming.Always look for the safety sign boards, if you are lost, then they can prove to be very helpful.Never swim in a drunken state.Never swing your arms during boating.Before setting out for the Island, one must always keep in mind to verify their tickets.One must always carry safe drinking water and some snacks with them.If one is opting for any water sports, then they must carry an extra pair of clothes.

Best time to visit

The best season to witness the grandeur of the Neil Island is winter season and the inception of summers. One can visit the island amid October-May. Such is the awesome climate of the island that it can be visited throughout the year.