Nagaland tour package

Nagaland along with its 6 sister states and one brother state forms North Eastern Part of India, it is a tribal area with majority of people following Christianity as their main religion. The course of tourism here is very surreal as people are friendly and soft spoken which in turn allows tourism department to install their program to boost its propensity. To enjoy the mystique valley and terrain of Nagaland, we would suggest traveler to get in touch with Nagaland tour package as they are expert in making your journey a memorable experience.

Tourist places around Nagaland


Kohima is a capital town of Nagaland and could be considered as major attractions of state tourism. The city life dominates the circle of economy beside that the procedures of development around would take your breath away. The topographical anatomy of Kohima allows traveler to get panoramic view of entire surrounding beside that its serene area is customary for trekking and camping purpose.


renowned as gateway of Nagaland, Dimapur could be considered as Manchester of Nagaland. Besides being a commercial hub of state there are many scenic reverie around Dimapur where traveler can stroll around to understand the economic manifesto of Nagaland. The historic ruins of Dimapur constitute outrageous chronology which can be trace from Kachari ruins of 10th century.


to understand the cultural hegemony of 16 tribes living within the state of Nagaland traveler should come here. The scenic hill and serene environment of the surrounding is very blissful beside that fluency of tradition would make your journey memorable and unforgettable.


blessed by a rural testimony this place is homeland of Lotha tribal community. The majestic landscape is blessed by a bounty of nature as it has many vegetation and blossom of fruits makes its thriving and organic.


perched perfectly at an elevation of around 897.64 m the topography of Mon boast rich cultural heritage. The geographical factors of Mon adds to its mystic laurel beside that spectacular landforms around serves as a view point from where one would have an occasion to view an endowing plains of Assam.


Phek on the other hand shows prosper amount of flora and fauna, the land has around 70% of evergreen forest beside that its natural boundary is circumscribed by majestic mountains and picturesque lakes.


for adventure seekers Kiphire is a perfect land to boast around. The majority of awe inspiring landscapes allow traveler to try trekking, canoeing and rafting which in turn would make your venture absolutely outrageous.


Dzukou valley is a picturesque dale which is located at an elevation of around 2438 m is a natural rhapsody where traveler comes from every corner of the world to enjoy the course of trekking and sightseeing.

Things to do


trek to Dzoukou Valley which is located at an elevation of around 2462 m above mean sea level could be one of the most surprising elements of adventure. The pictorial and quintessential phenomena of Dzoukou promises to make your endeavor completely exotic.


the Japfu peak of Nagaland which is the highest point of the state is a perfect site to go for hiking. Beside that it is not just about walking an uphill road but it is all about understanding the laurel and surreal of the surrounding.

Bird watching:

Khonoma hamlet which is located at a small hill station is a place where bird watchers can go for identifying the vivid flocks of migratory and local birds.

Wildlife venture:

Intaki wildlife sanctuary is a perfect place for wildlife venture and a walk here would give you an occasion to understand the diversity of wildlife and vegetation of Nagaland.

Ymshe Festival

Yemshe Festival is an agricultural festival celebrated by Pochuri tribal community of Nagaland. The fiesta is amongst the most significant occasion and each member of the village gets into act with the feeling of anxiety and excitement. The festival calls for an advent of new harvest season and the fun and frolic which is involved within the womb of celebration is more than just a casual one rather it calls for all round participation from every Pochuri tribal community living within a seclusion of Nagaland.

Tuluni Festival

Tuluni Festival is amongst a most significant occasion celebrated by Sumi Naga people residing in the pristine area of Zunheboto district, Nagaland. The Sumi Naga according to social anthropology migrated from other tribal areas and finally settled in at Zunheboto district and today they have a population of around 3 lakh and it is growing relatively. The Sumi Naga and its festival before an arrival of Christianity had a different set up and settings. It is believed that they are amongst most furious tribes renowned for their head hunting skills.

Sekrenyi Festival

Sekrenyi festival talks about purification and noble cause of the people and it is widely celebrated by Angami tribes of Nagaland. As per the dates of Keizei their official calendar the festival is celebrated during the month of February in very ritualistic and traditional way. In common the festival is renowned as Phousnyi and most of the Angami tribes recognized it as one of the most auspicious fiesta of their culture.

Rengma Ngadah Festival

Rengma Ngadah Festival marks an end of agricultural year or rather say it is an art of offering courtesy to their cosmic god. Like other North Eastern states, Nagaland is an agricultural, tribal land and most of the people here are very particular about their realms of culture and tradition. The festivals in north eastern states of India means up gradation of culture and this festival is extensive in terms of following custom and plethora of tradition. The colors of tribe community specifically of Rengma tribe would unfold the mystery of their seclusion.

Nazu Festival

Nazu festival is an official festival celebrated by Pochury tribes living within the dense valley of Nagaland. This festival marks an advent of agricultural season and it is celebrated with great pomp and vigor before sowing process. The whole environment of the celebration is more entertaining than ritualistic and it looks to bind their specific tribal community in a single fold.

Mokochung Tourist Places

Mokochung is one of the most important districts of Nagaland and is also one of its most prominent tourist places. It is home to one of the most important Naga tribes, the Ao tribe. Along with being blessed with pristine natural beauty, this place is also known as the cultural and intellectual capital of the state of Nagaland.

Moatsu Festival

Moatsü festival is an official festival of people living within a seclusion of Nagaland. The festival is celebrated after a hard hour of sowing and plantation process which is considered as main agricultural activity of the local people. The season of festival provides Ao Naga a phase of sensation where everyone gets into an act of merrymaking.

Kohima Tourist Places

Kohima is a small hill station and is also the capital city of the state of Nagaland. Located in the eastern frontiers of the mighty Himalayas, this state is the fiefdom of the fierce warrior tribes known as the Nagas. These head hunting tribes have been living here for generations in the midst of rich natural and cultural heritage. The capital city Kohima is a small laid back city, unlike other capitals which are bustling with economic and commercial activities.

Hornbill Festival

Hornbill Festival which is commonly termed as festival of festivals is a socio-cultural and tourism occasion sponsored by tourism department along with the local tribal people living around the periphery of Kohima and Kisama. Since we understand that Nagaland is a land of Agriculture and almost 60% of Naga population earns their livelihood by performing the Jhoom cultivation and most of their festivals revolve around the theme of Agriculture but surprisingly this festival is different and exclusive in nature.

Weather condition of Nagaland

Nagaland is a mountainous area bounded by serene natural brilliance and dale of valley. The cultural potency and land of great warriors are the two words that must come into picture while talking about the glory of Nagaland. The tourism here is very dynamic and if you are wondering about its dimension than classify the symphony of weather that remains pleasant throughout the year. The topographical graphs of Nagaland is also very varying beside that exquisite vegetation and natural habitats living within makes it one of the turquoise testimony of North Eastern states.