Mizoram Tour Packages

Mizoram is blessed with whimsical landscape and amazing natural beauty that makes it truly a place must visit in North East India. It is truly a delight to explore the copious natural beauty that not just inspires the mind and soul but evokes the hidden poet inside you. With so much to explore in Mizoram, various Mizoram tour packages are designed by our expert teams that allows our guests and tourists to enjoy Mizoram in a delightful and joyful way.

Why Mizoram?

A beautiful arcade of Mizoram which is sometime refer as land of blue mountains is considered as one of the most fascinating tourist places around North Eastern tip of India. Tribal settlement that dominates the regions of Mizoram calls for fraternity and secularism beside that their association with their holistic culture allows traveler a brilliant opportunity to understand the parallels of this wonderful state. Topographical landscape and its adjacent plains that share border with its neighboring states and international countries have made it look like a delicious sandwich. Eternal Mountain ranges along with foothills of Himalaya and plateau numbs in to make your visit rejuvenating and comfortably numb. To comprehend with the glorious landscape of Mizoram we would suggest traveler to get the tour plan with suitable Mizoram tour package to make your journey memorable and outstanding.

Tourist places in and around Mizoram


Located at the gorges of mysterious hilly region, Aizawl is amongst most fascinating tourist destinations around Mizoram where one would have an occasion to experience the mystique motion of cloud. Set at an elevation of around 1132 m above mean sea level, the prominence of Aizawl is defined as Home of Highlanders and its cultural hegemony would reach the heart of the travelers.


Perched perfectly at an elevation of around 1678 m, Champhai is the largest plains of Mizoram and from the standpoint traveler would have an occasion to view the glory of shiny ranges of Myanmar hills. Owing to its spectacular climatic condition and with an abundance of bloom, it is sometime referred as Fruit bowl of Mizoram. This compassionate plain area has set of ancestral relics and monuments which could prove favorable to lure ardent archaeologist from every corner of the world.


Lunglei is predominantly cultural oriented and naturally synchronized. It is a place where traveler would have an occasion to comprehend with traditional totality beside that natural helm that surrounds the sites would give you an occasion to view the scenic serenity of neighboring places.


Renowned for its lush greenery and silent serenity, Serchhip is an ideal place for nature lovers and wildlife photographers.


Enclosed by an international border of Bangladesh, Lawngtlai has some of the most reckoning and undisturbed forest within its womb. The dense diversity and defining glory of the woodland is lesser known to the people but if you could just buy a time to interpret its glory than you would understand the floral of its significance.

Vantawng Falls

Set perfectly at a backdrop of meadows of hills, the Vantawng Falls is amongst a most rejuvenating tourist places where one can hike in to plan their picnics and other socializing activities.

Dampa Sanctuary

Located at the North Western side of Mizoram hills, Dampa Sanctuary houses some endangered species and its nature interpretation program configures and constitutes the glory of nature. For wildlife lovers this sanctuary would be a perfect place to chill in beside that its information centre would help you to comprehend with a knowledge which is required to understand their importance and genesis.

Things to do

Wildlife tour and nature walk:

with an availability of undisturbed forest and sanctuary, Mizoram is probably one of the interesting places on earth where you can spark in to acknowledge the symphony of natural habitats. Beside that serene villages and quaint hamlets offer splendid occasion to nature lovers to take an initiative of nature walk.


trekking is possible at Blue Mountain National Park beside that trekking experience here would be prolific as its entire surrounding is blessed with utmost greenery and serenity.

Sightseeing and Shopping:

Sightseeing around Lunglei, Serchhip, Lawngtlai etc is the next big thing you can look to consider. Beside that souvenir shopping around Bara Bazaar and local handicraft shop would serve with an occasion to understand the local economic core.

Cheerz Restaurant

The restaurant offers a long range of menu to the visitors. You can choose the best food-items that aptly suit your appetite and taste altogether. The staff members are friendly and the services rendered by them are also prompt. Hence, you don’t have to stay in queue or have to wait for processing of your order.

Pemarin Corner

Pemarin Corner Restaurant situated in Millennium Mall delivers you an immense delight if you are among those who have a great taste and preference for trying new and delicious foodstuffs. It offers variety of tastes and mouth watering cuisines that would definitely suffice your need for having a good appetite after a hectic shopping schedule and sightseeing.

Aizwal masala

Aizawl Masala is located in a trendy place in the town which mainly serves quasi-Chinese cuisines. You can visit the restaurant if you are tired after shopping and viewing various place of attraction present in the town. It is quite spacious and peaceful that would make you feel relax and calm. The food items offered by the restaurant are within the budget.

Magnolia restaurant

Magnolia restaurant operates under the flagship of Hotel Regency. It caters the needs of visitors outside the hotel and those guests residing within the hotel. The restaurant can be perceived to be quite exception but the foods items served by it is also delicious. More importantly, you can visit the restaurant any time when you feel hungry, as it is open thought-out the week.

David’s Kitchen

David’s Kitchen is the part of David’s Hotel Clover, serving variety of cuisines including Indian, Chinese and Continental. The restaurant is predominately offers you the taste of non-vegetarian gourmets with home delivery facility. You can enjoy excellent food-items, but you may find the prices to be slightly high in comparison to other restaurants in the same locality.

Hi-Five Restaurant

Hi-Five Restaurant offers you mouth-watering food-items that would stay fresh in your mind, even after you are away from the taste offered by the same. Along with the exotic beauty of the natural vistas of Mizoram, anything that would tempt you to visit the region is the food items that are served by the restaurant.

Earth Rock Curry Pot

Earth Rock Cafe is a restaurant acquainting visitors with the authentic Mizo taste. The cozy setting in the restaurant gives you utmost satisfaction together with amazing taste of local foodstuffs. The interior of the restaurant is another vital feature that adds value to the restaurant.

Silver Moon Restaurant

Silver Moon Restaurant serves wide varieties of cuisines for the food lovers visiting from different parts of the world. If you are looking for quality foodstuffs at an affordable price, the restaurant would be the most appropriate choice for you. The interior and the ambience within the restaurant are also nice and pleasant.

Blue Berry Restaurant

Mizoram apart from its natural vistas, is also popular among the food lovers because of the array of food-items offered by different restaurant in this region. Correspondingly, Blue Berry restaurant is one of the well-recognized restaurants located in Bara bazaar, Aizawl which takes care of all your food requirements by offering you finger licking and awesome cuisines.