Meghalaya Tour Packages

Beautiful state nestled in the north eastern region of India endowing Scottish scenery, Meghalaya is an ideal gateway for nature lovers who are in pursuit of tranquility and peace. Meghalaya which means,’ "Abode of the Clouds’ is recognized as the wettest location in the world. It is home for the Jantia, Garo and Khasi tribes. The picturesque landscape, cascading waterfalls, dense forest and foggy hills are the major attributes attracting visitors all over the world. The vast coverage of forest is also home for some rare and endangered species of wild and birdlife. Tourist with Meghalaya Tour packages can avail this incredible beauty of nature to its fullest extent. Meghalaya Tour packages offer the best deal to the visitors to explore the untapped natural beauty unlike any others. Few of the major attractions which the tourist would love to enjoy with Meghalaya Tour packages are highlighted below.

Attraction in Meghalaya


Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya is known for its incomparable charm and climate. The capital city endows all the modern amenities while preserving its natural beauty in the most fascinating manner. The rolling hills, cascading waterfalls, scanted pine trees and babbling streams are some unique features drawing the attention of the visitors to its realm.

Shillong Peak:

Located in vicinity to Shillong, the peak which is believed by the local tribe as abode of God offers spectacular view of the shilling town. The peak has been a popular destination for hindi film-makers as well, movies such as Do Dil, Lalkar etc were shot here.

Ward Lake:

Situated in proximity to shilling, it is a cool and calm lake with panoramic landscape and attractive arch-shaped bridge. Close to the lake lies a small botanical garden with varied species of flowering plants.

Elephant Falls:

Known as “Umdiengpun” in local dialect, the milk like white waters cascading from the top draws a flock of tourist every year. The paved footpath leading to the waterfall provides a unique hiking experience.

Lady Hydari Park and Mini Zoo:

It is a superbly laid park in the Japanese style with Animal Land, Garden area and Forest Museum. The park hosts a wide collection of indoor plants and diverse range of animals and birds.

Spread Eagle Falls:

Located in the outskirts of shilling, it is a popular picnic destination. The view of the fall from far gives the impression of eagle with spread wings and hence it is known as Spread eagle fall.


It is a small hamlet located in the lower areas of Shillong Peak is worth to visit place for the visitors. The most fascinating factor here is the sight of a large stone lying like a sleeping man.

Things to do in Meghalaya


Surrounded with lush greenery, Umiam is a placid lake with crystal clear water. Boating in the lake enjoying the peace and tranquility is something to cherish for the visitors.


Several lakes in Meghalaya houses varieties of fishes, angling is in ideal option for the visitors to spend hours amidst the majestic natural beauty.


The rich greenery and woody trails of the forest provides adventure seekers with Trekking opportunity to explore in untapped beauty.

Horse Ridding:

Horse ridding to reach the peaks of the mountains is exciting activity to experience. Dotted with rich greenery and rugged mountains, horse ridding enables nature lovers of all age to extract the most of their vacation.

River Rafting:

River rafting in Shillong is challenging and exciting too. It is awesome experience for the river runners to engage in this invigorating activity.


Kynshi River offers adventure seekers with thrilling kayaking experience.

West Khasi Hills

Tourism in West Khasi Hills District shines equally like its integrated counterpart East Khasi hills, the historical importance and social life here is as interesting and unifying like other districts of Meghalaya. Unlike Eastern border of Khasi it is more renowned for its adventure activities like trekking, canoeing and camping. Apart from that there are many lucrative and fascinating water spouts and picnic spots where traveler can run into enjoy their advent.

West Jaintia Hills

West Jaintia Hills also renowned as Jowai Hills is amongst an eleven districts of Meghalaya. This part of district is mostly dominated by subtropical forest and its morphological location receives less amounts of rainfall as compare to East and West Khasi districts. The main economic activity of the local people is agriculture and since it is dominated by tribal people, the area is more secluded and serene. It has many growing tourist places within its vicinity and through this article today we will talk about some of the renowned tourist spots here.

West Garo Hills District

West Garo Hills district located at the westernmost part of Meghalaya is the second most populous district of entire Meghalaya. This amazing district which is lived tribal diversity is sprawled over an area of around 3714 square kilometer and it has some of the fabulous tourist spots around its vicinity. Historical accounts estates that before an advent of 1976 the magnums hills of Garo was united but to foster a smooth administration the entire hills was divided into 2 district which was further divided into four districts.

South West Garo Hills

The South West Garo Hills was carved out of Western block of Garo Hills to provide better administration and smooth supervision. The area is least populated as compare to other districts of Meghalaya and its natural helms are growing every year due to concentrative work of the local administration and state government. The entire area is dominated by forest and magnetic hills and it was just back in 2012, it was given a label of district on public demand.

South Garo Hills

While walking here at South Garo Hills, one would have an occasion to understand the glory of their historic tradition and local culture. Beside that a folio of historic places and places with mythological importance would come into picture to give you a lasting impression. The Southern boutique of Garo hill is predominantly lived tribal people and its natural helms is more renowned for propellant and scenic gestures.

Shillong Tourist Place

Shillong, the capital of mesmerizing Meghalaya is situated at an elevation of around 1496 m from above mean sea level. Shillong for its beauty and amazing location is often recognized as Scotland of the east and its geographical location has made this place much cooler than a tropical climate of India. Within Meghalaya it has one of the highest populations and it is also amongst most developed cities of North Eastern states.

Ri Bhoi

The mystical land of Ri Bhoi was cut down from a gulf of East Khasi hills to provide steady and better administration to the local people. It is a second least populated district of Meghalaya and owing to its demographic population the place is visited by traveler throughout the year. Ri Bhoi is dominated by the flocks of lofty hills and forest area and its geographical stats are pioneered by rugged and irregular landscape.


Lamee is located at the heart of the town, which would not require you to incur any additional costs to visit the restaurant, if you have booked rooms within the town. The restaurant would best suit your appetite needs, if you are price sensitive and at the same time crazy about Indian, Chinese, Thai and Mexican food items. The friendly ambience is another major feature that would tempt you to visit the restaurant and relax for an hour.

Broadway Restaurant

Broadway is a restaurant that mainly offers authentic and finger-licking food items to the diverse group of food lovers. The quality ambience, which it provides can contribute to your increased level of satisfaction. You can order foodstuff from variety of Chinese and Indian cuisines. The restaurant can render you an unforgettable experience and taste.

La Galeriet

La Galerie is located in Police Bazaar, which is situated at the heart of the town. The restaurant is a subset of Center Point Hotel. The restaurant offers a great sight of busy street of Shillong. Alongside, the quality of food offered by the restaurant can well suit to your taste, but you may perceive the price for the same to be quite high. At the same time, the ambience that it provides may not fit to your perception.