Mayabunder Island

Located at a considerable distance of about 240km from the capital city of Port Blair subsists the very exotic Mayabunder Island. The Island is found in the northern portion of Middle Andaman. The island has a lot to boast about its beauty. Bounded by outstanding beauty, the Island is the headquarters of Northern Andaman. However one needs to cover a distance of about 242 km by road to witness the grandeur of the island. The Island also has some of the very fine mangroves. It has some of the most amazing beaches along with stunning oceans, which draws the sheer attraction of the tourists.

The cultural heritage of Mayabunder is spectacular. As the island is colonized by people belonging to various cultures and religions, the island has a lot to say about its culture and tradition. Mayabunder is mostly populated with people belonging to Burma, East Pakistan and ex-inmates from the British Raj. The charismatic occurrence of the Burmese and East Pakistani settlements enhance the cultural peculiarity of the Mayabunder Island. The presence of the mangrove ecology is not only of tourism value but also spell bounds the common people.

The Mayabunder Island comprises of two well renowned beaches-the Karmatang Island and the Avis Island. One needs to travel a considerable distance of about 13km in order to access the beauty of the Mayabunder Island while a 30minute boat ride will help you encounter the Avis Island. With regard to the population, the Mayabunder Island contains some 23904 inhabitants’ positioned in 71 villages and 8 gram panchayats. The people from Pakistan and Bangladesh form a major part of the population of the island.


Karmatang Beach-Karmatang is very famous breeding ground for the turtles. If one wants to witness this phenomenal process right in front of their eyes, then one must definitely visit the Island during the months of December-February. The place proves to be a heaven for the turtle and wildlife lovers. The weather of the beach is extremely pleasant.

Avis Island-A 30minute boat ride is sufficient to witness the Avis Island. The natural heritage of the place is adequate to charm the visitors.

Rampur Beaches-If one is interested in knowing about the cultural heritage and tradition of the locals, then the Rampur Beach is an ideal one. The beach is not that big, yet encompasses mangrove shades.

Things to remember- Before setting out for the Beach, one must always remember to verify their tickets.One must at all times bring safe drinking water and some snacks with them.If one is opting for any water sports, then they must carry an extra pair of clothes. It is recommended to carry a waterproof camera as the ones accessible by the locals may prove quite expensive.One can also bring medicines, in case of any sort of sea-sickness.

Reasons to visit-Anybody must have wanted to observe the divine view of the entrance of the new born turtles into this world. This can be seen in one of the best beaches of the Mayabunder Island-the Karmatang Beach.Besides, the natural beauty of the island is extraordinary, thereby charming the visitors.

Best time to visit

One can visit the beach between late November to mid March.