Manipur Tour Packages

Known as a ‘Jeweled Land,’ Manipur is a green paradise blessed with the finest charm of Mother Nature. One can find the Mother Nature to be more generous in allocating the wealth of the nature. The cascading waterfalls, blue hills, placid lakes and rich art and culture are soul-captivating. The serenity of the place is overwhelming. With Manipur Tour packages tourist can explore the most of tourist attractions in Manipur. Some of the major attractions that the tourists can avail with Manipur Tour packages are precisely listed below.

Attractions in Manipur

Loktak Lake:

The only floating lake in the world, Loktak Lake is a beautiful lake with green surrounding and vegetation floating on the surface of it. Close to the lake is Keibul National Park which is a home for several rare and endangered flora and fauna species.

Shri Govindajee Temple:

The temple is the major highlight of Manipur. Dedicated to Lord Krishna, devotes believed that visit to this temple solve all their problems and worries.

Kangla Fort:

Situated on the bank of river Imphal, the fort was once the royal palace of King Pakhangba. The fort has archaeological as well as historical significance. The fort has grown to become a major tourist attraction of Manipur.

Zoological Garden:

This zoological garden was created with for the preservation as well as breeding of some rare and endemic species. The garden is surrounded with rich greenery and hills.

State Museum:

The museum is located in the state capita Imphal, and consist a large collection of artifacts natural history, ethnology, painting and Archaeology. The museum also displays the articles used by the Manipuri Kings.

Khwairamband Bazar:

One may have visited several markets, but this market has a unique feature. Located at the centre of the Imphal town, it is women only market where one can find tribal women selling varieties of products. The market offers varieties of handlooms and is ideal place to shop souvenirs and crafts made by the local people.

Khonghampat Orchidarium:

Spread over an area of 200 acres, the Orchidarium has almost 110 species of rare and endemic orchids.


Senapati in Manipur is an ideal place for the nature lovers to explore. It is blessed with babbling streams, deep gorges, gushing rivers and splendid landscape. Almost 80 per cent of land here is covered with vast forest and one can expect to sight wide range of animals and plants.


It is a religious place with numbers of temples standing tall in the lap of Mother Nature. The temples such as Pancha Ratana Temple, Sridhara Temple, Siddheswar Temple, Pancha Ratana Temple etc not only reflects the architectural excellence but also acquaints tourists with the rich culture and tradition of Manipur.

The World War II Cemetery:

Located in Imphal, it is the resting ground for the brave soldiers who died in the World War II while fighting against Japanese. The commentary has little stone markers and bronze plaques.

Things to do in Manipur

Trekking and Hiking:

Manipur with green surroundings and blue hills offers an ideal tourist destination for the adventure seekers to engage in some thrilling outdoor sports like trekking and hiking. Thoubal a small town in Manipur located at the bank of river Thoubal offers a perfect location for trekkers.


Churachandpur located amidst the valleys and hills, is the next biggest town in Manipur after Imphal. The river Tipaimukh that flows through the town offers visitors with boating facility.

OK Restaurant

This particular restaurant is small but it offers its customers with great food and decent services. In case you want to taste the Manipuri non vegetarian dishes then just step into OK restaurant. It is situated next to big restaurants and in the heart of the main city; hence it doesn’t becomes difficult for people to locate it.

Ningols Chakouba

Ningol's Chakouba is one of the most important festivals celebrated by the Meitei community of Manipur. The festival is very typical and exclusive and it looks to honor the common bond between parents and their daughter. On this special eve the married daughters returns to their house to see their parents and the same gathering turns out to be a mass feast. The traditional importance of this festival is very emotional because through this occasion they look to honor the pure relation between the siblings and the household.

Azad Restaurant

Situated in the heart of the city, this small eating out place is well known for its non-vegetarian dishes. You might have to ask people in order to figure out this particular restaurant as this is not a big one, but once you have found out the place, you will never forget this place.

Specialties: From the popular Chinese cuisines to snacks such as Maroi Boras and Changnang with slice of lemon, this restaurant is a typical

Nikheel Café

Nikheel café has been one of the food centres that have been catering to vast array of mouth-watering cuisines since numerous years. Since its inception the company has been striving hard to meet the needs and wants of the customers taking into consideration the altering food fashion in Manipur. The hotel begins its operation since 11 am and tends to deliver its service till 7 pm. However, the restaurant initiates its work from 5 am in order to ensure quality service and customer satisfaction.

Lai Haraoba Festival

Lai Haraoba in general is a traditional festival celebrated by Manipuri people to please and commemorate the deeds of Atiya Shidaba. The celebration of the occasion is done by honoring sylvan deities and it also represents the ancestral role of their past principles. The occasion usually tends to recall the story of the creation of universe and evolution of biology through the grace of Atiya Shidaba.

Kut Festival

Kut Festival which in short cab be describe as post harvest festival which is celebrated during the time of autumn season is a thanks giving event marked by series of cultural events. The festival is celebrated by Kuki-Chin-Mizo tribal people. Like other cultural event of Manipur this festival talks about merry making and other rejuvenating activities. The cultural show and beauty pageant contest that happens in Manipur parade ground is a main highlight of an affair.

Gaan Ngai Festival

The Gaan-Ngai festival is the greatest occasion of Manipuri, Assamese and Naga people. The festival is celebrated during the season of winter and it is actually a thanksgiving festival which is celebrated by mass majority of tribe people. The festival is celebrated to mark an abundance of their agricultural products beside that it is also celebrated to welcome the fever of New Year. The festival revolves around the month of December till January and it is celebrated according to lunar calendar which is widely followed by local people.

Chumpha Festival

Chumpha Festival is a perfect example of traditional approach towards the agricultural aspects. It is an annual harvest festival which is celebrated with great anxiety and vigor. The Tanghul Nagas of Manipur is mostly responsible for an evolution of this cultural event and even today it is celebrated by mass number of Tanghul Nagas people. During these cultural event women comes to play a vital as most of the cultural acts are performed by them beside that special gatherings and family interpretation programs are basic highlights of an affair.