Mahakal Dara Observatory Hill

Observatory hill of Darjeeling is located at the Mall square and its immemorial stands, does not just stand to comprehend with scenic sensation but its chronological order and corollary features considers the cultural compassion of local people. The Observatory Hill and its close proximity with Mahakal temple mellows together to give traveler a moment of lifetime beside that atrocity of tourism has made it more prominent and prolific.

Historic significance

The chronology of Observatory hill is associated with an account of Bhutia Busty monastery which was structured in 1765 by Lama Dorjee Rinzing and it is believed that it has to do lot with the genesis of name that we profoundly address as Darjeeling in today’s culture. According to folklore the ground of Observatory Hill was an original ground of the Bhutia Busty Monastery but with an intrusion of Gorkha raiders from Nepal, it was sacked and then again it was rebuilt in 1861 and was reallocated to Bhutia Busty but then again the course of nature destroyed its plinth and now its owes its present existence to the raja of Sikkim.

Importance of tourism

As far as the course of tourism is concern than it is one of the primary destinations where traveler hurls in to view the glory of Mount Kanchenjunga beside that it allows traveler to get clear view of the Far East corner of Darjeeling. During the time of season you would see people coming in from every corner and that certainly helps in accounting positive economic strength which later on gets into investment for its maintenance and upholding.


From Observatory hill the most prolific scene you can ever imagine to witness is a clear picture of Mount Kanchenjunga that stands like a beside that the surrounding symphony could just enter the mind to blink them with a call of captivation.

Another important mark that lures traveler from every corner is its close proximity with Mall road and Mahakal temple where traveler can spend their entire days appreciating the sobriquet of Darjeeling.

Other attraction around

The most possible reason behind its glorious tourism transportation is its perfect location that bends the road towards other majestic tourist attraction of Darjeeling like Mahakal Temple, Mall Road, Himalayan Mountaineering institute, Padmaja Himalayan Zoological Park, Darjeeling Musuem etc.

Best time to visit

Consider the month of summer especially between March till May and then again the season of winter could be a most favorable season to mark your visit here at Darjeeling.

Things to do


the most possible thing you can look to do while coming here apart from sightseeing is shopping. At Chowrasta and below its lines there are many handicraft, curio, handloom and general shops where you can hop in to try your hand in shopping.


performing penance and pilgrimage in order to attain salvation is very possible in the gates of Mahakal temple where you would find ample to devote coming from different corner to praise the glory of Lord Shiva.

Long walk around Mall road

another promising thing that traveler can look to do is take a long walk around the course of Mall road to enjoy the salubrious climatic condition of Darjeeling.