Lloyd Botanical Garden

Nurturing a beauty of nature, Lloyd Botanical garden is a true profusion of nursery and primary wonders. Established in 1878 when 40 acres of land was acquired at Darjeeling to form a botanic garden as a distant annexed of the Calcutta Botanical Garden. The land was provided by William Lloyd, in whose name the botanical garden has been named.It’s a beautiful garden just below a main street of Darjeeling where tourist loves to come and at a pick season time nursery are to be found filled as the tourist from outskirt enjoys their day clicking an image and inspiring a beauty of flowers that garden has in its periphery.

People here come to study flora as the wide collection of conifer, fern and alpine guards a beauty of garden making it most beautiful.A separate green house which displays over 150 species of cactus is just acknowledging and inspiring beside that Orchiderium that has some 2,500 orchids on display and showcasing some 50 varieties is something every botanical student would love to see.

great plantations here like Hawthorn, Blackberry, Birch, Chestnut etc then Plums, Cherries, Weeping Willows, Magnolia Grandiflora, Jurrriferus Bermudiana Wattle, Silver Oak and many other varieties of plants makes the botanical garden full of color and wonders.The moment you enter here you will feel an essence of flowers that’s springs from the root enchanting a beauty inside which often seems to look like a majesty of time. The wide space and clear ambiance with the small roads that leads to a layer after layer speaks a brilliance of this garden, during off season you will see local people and couples coming in and they often comes with a plan such as potluck and dry picnic and enjoys a nature.

As the meadows runs deep, during summer a bars and beauty are raised above its level as the new plants exhibits its beauty it is very notable to see how seeds get develop into a giant trees that offers a shed to little herbs and shrubs and at a same time looks to provide shades to a tired people.Weeping Willow and two living fossil trees can be consider as a prime attraction of this beautiful garden and at a same time there is a sanctuary created with old Himalayan Cherries. It's a place where you can relax and have a great peaceful time.

How to Get Here

Its proximity near to a main town makes it quickly accessible and if you are from outstation all you need to do catch a cab which will drop you to a main town or say to Darjeeling stand and from there you can ask anyone regarding a location because it is just a 10 minutes’ walk from there.

Things to Do

Enjoy a beauty of garden and collect information regarding their origin, species and many more since there is a plenty of good collection of flora at least you can try to have full information of one.


Being at a main town here you would find no difficulties in finding a stay because there are so many hotels are operating surely finding a hotel won’t be a tuff call.

Best Time to Visit

Summer season would be a good time for you to pay a visit here and summer here in Darjeeling starts from a month of May and ends during August.