Little Andaman Island

To be found in the southern part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Little Andaman Island resides contradictory the Great Andaman Island. In fact, the Little Andaman Island is the fourth principal island of the Andamans, thereby reflecting great tourism value. This section of the archipelago can be accessed on tourist permit. The Duncan Passage acts a separation point between the Little Andaman Island and the Rutland Bay of Great Andaman Island. Previously, the Little Andaman Island was placed as a tribal area for the Onge and is now forbidden. However, it was the only island accessible by the outsiders to sustain extensive damage in the 2004 tsunami. In spite of innumerable destructions and loss, the Island has managed anyhow to stand up and declare its magnificence.

With respect to flora and fauna, the Little Andaman encompasses an evergreen tropical rain forest. This rainforest is the origin of new born varieties of flora and fauna, thereby paving way for the establishment of a rich and luxurious biodiversity. After the disastrous tsunami, the island bears two waterfalls-White Surf Waterfalls and the Whisper Wave. The White Surf Waterfalls declares its exquisiteness from a distance of about 6.5kms from Hut Bay Jetty. On the other hand, the Whisper Wave resides at a distance of 20kms from the Jetty. In the meanwhile, one can also pleasure from trekking. Access to the waterfalls demands a 4km trek through the evergreen rain forests. In addition to trekking, one can also seek pleasure from elephants in the form of elephant safaris. Elephant bumbling sites and baby-elephants training sites can also be visited. This corner seems to instil fun among the kids and is enjoyed by children. Besides, the Red Oil Palm Plantation is an integral part of the Little Andamans and the Island boasts a lot about the Plantation.


Andaman experiences a hot climate in summer and warm and dry during winters.


The Little Andaman Island is a good place to relax. The tourism infrastructure is quite different from the other islands. People can enjoy themselves in their own way through reading books, swimming and just trailing around the island. Some of the activities that the Island offers are as follows:

Elephant Lumbering and Training Camp-The elephant waddling activities also seem to delight the tourists. With the sheer assistance of ANIFPDCL, one can also observe the camps where the baby elephants are skilled.

Boating Through the Creek-Another crucial facility offered by ANIFPDCL is boating. The boating service is engaged in the creek neighbouring the Butler Bay Beach resort. Through boating, one can stimulate a closer glance on the different varieties of flora and fauna on both sides of the creek.

Coral Viewing and Surfing -The northern region of the Butler Bay Beach is an accepted surfing site. Corals exist on the nearby areas.

Oil Palm Plantation-Another huge attraction provided by ANIFPDCL is the oil palm plantation which is well famed throughout the Island. Tourists flock to the place in order to witness the extravagant plantation.