Lakshadweep Tour Packages

Cuddled amidst the crystal clear blue water of mighty Arabian Sea, Lakshadweep is a group of many small islets. The virgin coral reefs, the long stretch of sandy beach, the swaying palm trees, and pristine aquamarine expanse makes Lakshadweep a tourist hotspot across the world. With Lakshadweep tour packages, you will be able to grab the endless fun and excitement offered by this gorgeous and mind-blogging destination. Do not worry about cost and tariff our experts offers customized service to give you maximum satisfaction at minimum cost.

Attractions in Lakshadweep

Agatti Island:

Often termed as gateway to Lakshadweep, Agatti Island is recognized as one of the best beaches than anywhere else in the country. The island also has the most stunning lagoons and is blessed with abundant of coral growth and swaying coconut and palm groves.

Bangaram Island:

Another major attraction in Lakshadweep is Bangaram Island. The unpolluted environ and the lavish scenic beauty of this isle provides visitors with ample of space to spend some intimate time and create some great memories with their partners and dear ones.

Kadmath Island:

The Island is known for its large lagoons and long sandy stretch of beach. With peace and tranquility all around it provides an excellent place to repose away from the maddening crowd. Besides, it offers ample of water sport facilities that would be an additional benefit for those who want to feel their adrenaline to rush.

Kavaratti Island:

It is the administrative capital of Lakshadweep and also the most developed islands of all. It has breathtaking lagoons and comprises many other historical monuments and amusements attractions. Ujra mosque in Kavaratti Island is the most beautiful structure that represents the rich culture and heritage of ancient India.

Kalpeni Island:

Dotted with bounty of natural beauty, Kalpeni Island is a gorgeous destination allowing visitors to cherish the exhilarating experience of several invigorating activities. The undisturbed and serene atmosphere in the island truly creates a romantic ambience where you can unwind and develop bondage with partner.

Activities to do

Scuba diving:

The clear and transparent blue water in the Lakshadweep provides a perfect location for diving. Scuba diving provides a great opportunity to explore the rich and diverse underwater marine ecosystem present here. There are various service providers in Lakshadweep offering diving facilities such as Water Sports Institute in Kadmat Island and Dolphin Dive Center in Kavaratti.


Snorkeling is another exciting adventure activity to do in Lakshadweep. You will discover many unique species of marine life and corals in the clear water enclosing the beautiful island. You can also easily find the vendors here but make sure to follow the instruction of your instructor.


Travelers can also go for an enticing experience of kayaking in the calm and pristine water of mighty Arabian Sea. It is the most thrilling activity to do in Lakshadweep if you are visiting with your friends and family. Kavaratti and Kalpeni Islands are the best known destination for grabbing the thrill and excitement of Kayaking.

Tourism Significance

Away from the mainland India, Lakshadweep is amazing place to be for any travelers. The charm and charisma of the place is something that will remain fresh in your mind even after a wholesome trip to this destination. The beaches here are comparable to any other best beach destination in the world. Thus, it can be rightly said that Lakshadweep has significantly facilitated in listing India among those few countries with some fine and gorgeous beach destinations making it a perfect place to be and enjoy some wonderful time amid the serene glory of the nature and the wonderful creation of the almighty. Come and Live Lakshadweep.

Amindivi Island

Amindivi Island is amongst inhabited islands of Lakshadweep and it along with other magical isles constitutes the folio of beautiful Lakshadweep. It comes under the belt of Northern group of Islands and like most of the other havens it is none exceeding and small in size. Geographically it was separated from Leccadive Island and today it operates independently to lure traveler from across the world.

Androth Island

Androth Island which is considered as biggest archipelago of Lakshadweep is enriched with historical value and cultural ethics. The golden parallels of sands although for tourist may just seems like a common tourist ground but before an advent of infrastructure and tourism this Island was a part of ongoing civilization and migration process.

Bangaram Island

Sprawled over an area of around 2.3 square kilometer, an Island is rectangular in shape and owing to its size and variants it is considered as Main Island of atoll. The Island measures around 7 km in length and it has a width of around 4.2 km. Bangaram Island is comprehended and accompanied by small islets but when it comes to main tourist attraction than Bangaram stands still to display its efficiency and potential.

Bitra Island

Bitra Island belongs to a coral group of Amindivi Island. Which means it is a small tributary that constitutes in making of Amindivi enclave. Located at the northern flank this islet was lived by people from Kiltan and Chetlal and they can be considered as well identified resident of the Island. When the people from Chetlal found its environment suitable they decided to settle here. From the very beginning island was lived Muslim people and still today mass majority follows a doctrine of Islam.

Cannanore Island

The Unbroken and creamy line of Cannanore Island is amongst the most amazing islets of Lakshadweep Union Territory. Sways of coconut palm that surrounds the site have made it just magical and it is amongst most traditional enclaves around India. A lone and endowing wave that looks amazingly superb during an onset of summer has hegemony of nature within its soul and to bask the same traveler comes from every corner of the world. Historical accounts states that it is one of the ethical and narrative havens of Island territory.

Chetlat Island

Located at a distance of around 37 km from Kiltan Island, this enclave belongs to an archipelago of Lakshadweep and it also owes its origin to the subgroup of Amindivi Island. An enclave has total area of about 1.40 square kilometer and its length measures around 268 km beside that its breadth has around 0.59 km of width. Mesmerized by beauty of coral reefs and marine lives this island is amongst the most venerated around Lakshadweep and its natural helms which grows with a strike of fertility is awesome.

Kadmat Island

Kadmat Island which is popularly renowned as Cardamom Island is located on a coral reef and its advantageous location has blessed its wave with shallow shores and rich marine life. An Island belongs to Amindivi subgroup of islands and it is around 8 km in length. The total area that it look to cover measures approximately 3.12 square kilometer and its average annual temperature has made it fertile throughout the year.

Kalpeni Island

Located at the eastern flank of Lakshadweep, the Kalpeni Island is one of the most beautiful and attractive atoll of the Union Territory. Kalpeni is around 2800 m long and 1200 m wide and it possesses one of the biggest water bodies within Lakshadweep Island. According to Arabian writer Kalpeni is a conglomeration of three tributary islands and its enthralling beaches has one of the most captivating marine lives within its depth.

Kavaratti Island

Kavaratti Island is a fine example of geographical metamorphosis and dynamism. When earth was discovered simply the logical stats was created by giving maximum priority to isle of Adams ale. The blue lagoons and feathers of sandy coast that dominates the picture simply call for a victory of nature over time.

Kiltan Island

Sprawled over an area of around 2.20 square kilometer, Kiltan Island belongs to the superb of Amindivi subgroup. It is mostly cover by coral reef and its biodiversity is something that would attract traveler from every corner of the world. Over the year it has earned immense popularity because of its exciting shallow water and blue lagoon.