Kollam Tour Packages

Located at the south western pocket of India within the tropical helms of Kerala, the Kollam which is sometime referred as Quilon is the fourth largest city of gods own country. The economic turmoil of Kollam is sustained by coir and cashew processing. The tourism testimonials lies on the Coast of Ashtamudi Lake and it is well flourished due to an ardent measures of government and with an abundance of mild tourist places it has become one of the most exciting destination of Gods own country. To enjoy the venture of Kollam in a most generous and comfy way it is best suggested getting a help of Kerala tour package which in turn would help you to get access to most of the renowned tourist destinations of Kollam. Beside that it would make your journey memorable and trouble free.

Historical facts

The historical account of this dreamland of Kerala is associated with trade and commerce beside that a presence of sea port has made it more prominent and reliable. The economic stats and its growth were considered by princely state of Travancore and before their advent it was exercised by Chera rulers. The first immigrants on the shore of Kollam were Chinese and later colonials confirmed the real establishment of trade and business.

Tourist places around Kollam


Lighthouse was an enclave of British rulers and it was built in early 19th century to get all around view of the surrounding. After the call of Indian Independence it became a major focal point of tourism and still today it is regarded as major hub of tourism in Kollam.

Ashtamudi Lake:

it is a great to hanker and for nature lovers it would come up as an oracle of oasis. The vast stretch of Ashtamudi Lake dominates the core of tourism and the probability of backwater cruise has made it more flexible and lunatic.


it is an industrial complex of Kollam and Kerala. The place is an auxiliary spot but if you could buy some moment to intercept its brilliance than it won’t disappoint you.

Adventure Park:

adventure park is a must visit destination while coming here at Kollam because an advent would serve you with an occasion to measure the height of escapade that it has to offer to its customer.


it is primarily a seaside village and its surrounding has many historical assets left by Portuguese during their reign. A journey here would be a slight convocation with the ruins of history raveled through the ages of time.

Asramam Picnic Village:

as its name suggest it is a place where traveler gets into single fold to socialize and celebrate their unionism. The picnic village carves the periphery of backwater which in turn allows traveler to appreciate the hegemony of nature.

Portuguese Cemetery:

this cemetery was constructed during an advent of 15th century and the graves here would take you back to the time of their dominance when they were a share force in southern territory of India before an invasion of Dutch and later British.

Things to do

Parallels of activities hanks around the marine territory of Kollam and it are not just about adventure rush but the gentle touch of natural activities would glorify your advent.

Backwater cruise:

the most promising thing that you can look to do during the course of your vacation is backwater cruise which is possible at the shore of Ashtamudi Lake and adventure park.

Nature walk and sightseeing:

the next thing that comes into picture is nature walk and general sightseeing which can be done in tourist places like Kollam beach, lighthouse, Portuguese Cemetery etc.

Wildlife adventure:

Shendurney Wildlife sanctuary is a most exciting tourist hub where you can travel to interact with nature and natural habitats. Beside that Puthenkulam Elephant Village is a mild destination to cover to understand their association and attachment with elephant which is considered as celestial animal in Hindu Mythology.

Shopping in Kollam

Natural brilliance of Kollam is not just renowned for brilliant tourism but shopping here could be a brilliant initiative which traveler should take to enjoy their vacation. Shopping in Kollam is an intense culture and with an availability of vivid shopping mart around its proximity one could speculate to have good time here at Kollam. Some of the shopping array includes traditional shopping, textiles, handicrafts, handloom etc.

Restaurants in Kollam

The vast stretches of sea port of Kollam invites traveller to come here as restaurants around would give you the best of occasion to make your vacation immortal. The Kollam is hub of many renowned restaurants and here traveller would get to taste the distinct flavours as established restaurants around specializes in preparing many kind of cuisines.

How to reach Kollam

Formerly known as Quilon, Kollam is one of the oldest seaports in India and a gateway to backwaters of Kerala. It is a great place for tourist to visit in Kerala. Every year a large flock of tourist visit Kollam to experience it’s the placid lake Ashtamudi and explores its rich historical background. The scenic beauty of Kollam is ideal treat to those who are in pursuit of peace and tranquil vacation. Reaching, Kollam, does not pose any problem to the tourists.