Kerala Tree House

Its introduction may sounds unique but its exclusive feature has made a difference in course of enticing tourist. Alluring ambiance which is startling enough to take your breath away has found its address under the roof of tree. As locally named Erumadam in their local dialect the house are all roofed at the top of the trees with all the facilities coming together to make your tour relishing. So far its construction is concern it is made out of eco friendly elements.

Inspired by the tribal people who at their ages used to live at top of trees and the idea to make it more convenient were conceived from them and since then tree Houses resorts operates throughout the Kerala some of the renowned resorts are Nature Zone Resot Munnar, Rainforest Resort Athirapally Waterfalls, Carmelia Haven Thekkady, Green Woods Resort Thekkady, Green Magic Nature Resort in Wayanad and many more.

Features of Tree Houses

As all the tree houses would have separate height and the journey here would relax the mind of nature lovers. All the elements you are going to witness here would be natural as the plinth of this initiative is truly natural and everything from house to bridge and from stuffs and environment everything is natural.

Huge cane basket which would take you to the height and at a same time would drop you from the height is an amazing application of physics. It is a family resort so all can have fun here as every amenity has found its address inside the chamber of the house.

Settled within thick tropical forest adds glittering features as would have an opportunity to coir with nature throughout the time you will stay here. Price factor is another feature which would entice your mind to take the journey of these stunning tree houses.


Within the site of the tree house you will have everything within your reach beside that modern feature which comes to connect the broad gauge between the two trees amazes the mind of the tourist.Beds, bathroom, flushable toilets, washbasins which comes with the facility of running water and shower adds more to the book of facility. Beside that you can enjoy the view of surroundings by sitting at carpeted balconies.

Light is provided via solar energy, kerosene lamp and hurricane lamp beside that one would get to eat fresh as the organic farm which produces the stuffs comes directly here. Although there are no modes of modern gadgets since the virtue of turning this place into tourist course is completely based on natural elements all you are going to listen is natural sound of birds and nature whistles.


From tourism perspective this initiative has really guided the mind of tourist and being at a site of tropical forest which is thoroughly relishes by tourist has been a driving features of this tree houses. One can enjoy the serene backwater and at a same time they can sit down and enjoy the virtue of natural phenomenon where they would see an experience a magic of flourishing flora and fauna. Beside that the most important side of these tree houses is it’s an instance of nature and every product and elements used while making or during the course of tourist is natural and completely ecological.


When it comes to giving service no other resorts matches the call of tree houses from light to bedrooms, organic foods to manmade elevator, from comfort to convenience, from sightseeing to sophistication everything has its address here at a roof of this tree house.