Kerala Churches

Kerala, secular in nature in its past was influenced by the religion of colonials, Christianity thus came into limelight perhaps was spread like a wildfire. Erection of churches and missionaries really changed the way and Kerala after independence accepted it as a part of its culture adding more diversity in religion. The historic churches and miracles of divine have made important pilgrimage centres and some are architecturally well established. The religious place is part of tourism and tourist from across come to see such wonderful hand of people.

Parumula Church

Saint Gregorious Geevarshese often known as Paurmala Thirumeni is a sole structure and theme that relates to his life. Church operates as branch of St. Pauls Orthodox Cathedral and it opens all gates to spread love and peace. Set at an estuary of Pampa River, the miracles and divinity is usual beside that spherical architecture could hold 2000 believers at once.

St. Francis Church, Kochi

Established in early 15th century, it is oldest European Church in India. The Portuguese were the first to reconstruct the church as they got permit from Raja of Kerala to establish the business tie ups. Dutch during the colonial phase established it as Protestant church but later it was converted into Anglican. The gravestone of Vasco Da Gama still represents the symbol of his spirit and the architecture defines the touch of Portuguese.

Velankanni Church

Dedicated to praise the glory “Of our Lady of Health”, the church is considered amongst sacred of Catholics across the world. The shrine is really a legendary one and it is more common as Lourdes of the East. The offering of candle light is the most famous thing beside that the miracles is recognized across the world. The shrine is a symbol of multi-cultural conglomeration and it is a good thing to witness such.

Santa Cruz Basilica

Originally developed by Portuguese in early 15th century, the Basilica was raised as Cathedral following the order of Catholic pope. The gothic style architecture of the building speaks about the historic touch and the Midas of engineering makes it famous amongst traveller. The Cathedral with its mass and prayers could heal broken and confide belief of the people speaks about the influence of it over their character.

St Mary’s Church

With essential Roman Architecture it seems to be one of the finest around Kerala. Established in 1860, the church is dedicated to praise the glory of St Mary. 200 year old portrait of St Mary is a major highlight beside that the outline of the building and design was conceived by Italian Architect.

St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Kottayam

The church was established under the order of Thekkumkoor Maharajah; it was in 1579 the glorious church dedicated to praise the cosmic power of St Mary is an orthodox catholic. The outstanding church stands as a true example of Kerala-Portuguese architecture and the walls around is majestically adorn by mural paintings. The western and oriental biblical and non biblical murals add to its beauty making it one of the finest to exist.

Edathua St. George Forane Church

St. George, a manifest of bravery is adorned majestically to pay heed to its glory and years of service. Discovered in 1810, the model of the architecture was prescribed by European and truly it is a European beauty. The church is a major pilgrimage centre and it is a divine place where blessings could be felt guiding the soul to attain the salvation. The firm belief of the people is amazing to witness and major festivals prove the majority in number.


It draws thousands of devotee to its ground as it is the most sacred and wonderful place on earth and safest as heaven while god stands on top to protect you from all set of disease of possessions. The church remembers the sacrifice of St. Sebastian the most popular and history related with an establishment of the statue embarks deep understanding of mythology.

Vallarpadam Church

Declared as National Shrine in 2004, Vallarpadam Church also known as the Basilica of Our Lady of Ransom is a much acclaimed pilgrimage centre in Kerala for Christians. Dedicated to Holy Mary of Vallarpadam, this church is beautifully located on a small island on the Vembanad Lake which is roughly at a distance of 1 km from the mainland Kochi. Besides, being and important centre for pilgrimage, it is also a popular tourist attractions well known for its captivating architecture.

St. Francis Church

Known for its striking architecture and awe-inspiring ambience, the St. Francis Church is a living edifice of colonial era built by the Portuguese. It is believed to be among the first few churches built by European in India that provides an evidence of spread of Christianity in the country. Besides being a holy place, the church today is of great historical significance controlled by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Santa Cruz Basilica

Located in vicinity to famous St. Francis Church at K.B. Jacob road in Fort Kochi, Santa Cruz Basilica is one among the eight Basilicas in India. Built by Portuguese back in 1505, it is also recognised as the oldest European church in the country. Endowing artistic magnificence and colours of colonial era, this heritage edifice has immense historical and architectural significance. If you are avid traveller and wanted to explore the growth of Christianity in India and struggle of colonial regime, a trip to Santa Cruz Basilica is must.

Parumala Church

Parumala Church also known as St. Peter's and St. Paul's Orthodox Church is a popular church located on the banks of river Pampa in Parumala, Kerala. It is actually a tomb church of Saint Geevarghese Mar Gregorios, who is also recognized as Parumala Thirumeni. Today, it also an important pilgrimage centre for the people of Christian faith and every year throng of pilgrims flock to the place to have blessings of the saint.

Malayattoor Church

Nestled amidst the pristine environ at an approximate distance of 47 km from Kochi City, Malayattoor is much acclaimed for Catholic Church. The church is beautifully located on a hill top which is set at an elevation of 609 m above the sea level. It is dedicated to St. Thomas one of the disciples Jesus Christ and draws throngs of pilgrimages on the eve of 'Malayatoor Perunnal', observed annually during the months of March /April. Besides, those who are avid lovers of art and architecture, the intricately design architecture of the church is a treat to their eyes.

Edappally St. George Forane Church

Tucked in a cool and serene village of Elangalloor at an approximate distance of 10 km from Kochi, the Edappally St. George Forane Church is a fourteen century church dedicated to St. George. The church is considered as the oldest Syrian Catholic Church in Kerala and an important pilgrimage centre for Christians across the world. Today, the striking architecture and rich history of the church has made it quite popular among the tourist circuit drawing thousands of visitors every year.

Bharananganam Church

Bharananganam is quaint small town in Kottayam well known for thousand year Catholic Church in which the mortal remains of the first woman saint of India namely St. Alphonsa is entombed. Today, this church is an important pilgrimage centre for the people of Christian faith. The shrine here has become spiritual haven for people of all caste and creed who flock here to seek blessings of St. Alphonsa. Built in gothic style the church has splendid architecture that you can feast upon.

Arthunkal Church

Arthunkal Church, officially known as St. Andrew's Forane Church is a prominent pilgrimage centre for Christian located near Cherthala at an approximate distance of around 22km from Alleppey. It is an ancient church that was originally constructed in 1581 by Portuguese missionaries. However, a new church has been built adjoining to the old church with splendid architecture surrounded with beautiful atmosphere. Every year on the auspicious occasion of feast of St.