Kerala Ayurveda

Ayurveda is knowledge, a dimensional idea developed by our forefathers to heal body, mind and soul. It is without a hint of doubt we could say, before a discovery of medical science, there was Ayurveda, a natural process that reaches a deep recess to heal and up-heave. The Ayurveda carries a history of around 5000 years and after human civilization, Kerala could be considered as first where idea of Ayurveda was implemented and applied.

Origins and legends

The tradition of Ashtavaidya flourished in between 13th and the 17th centuries and patronage of scientific research in medicine well developed during this phase. In Kerala there were around 18 Ashtavaidya who gave utmost priority and developed the whole idea of Ayurveda. The idea has been passed down from generation to generation but unfortunately the staggering number has come down to different level. Lord Parasuraman who is considered as important effigy in South India brought Namboothiris to Kerala to help in medicinal occupancy and other mythological story on the other hand supports the fact that the state from the very beginning gave importance to the significance of Ayurveda.

Classics of Ayurveda and the importance of Kerala

Kerala owing to its favourable climatic condition has been a source of inspiration and its natural resources are well defined as far as classics of Ayurveda are concern. The ancient theory of Ayurveda was simple it wanted to attain a complete health in 4 different pursuits of human life namely Dharma, Artha, karma and Moksha. Kerala in its own significant field has all necessary elements like fertile soil, equal distribution of rainfall, sunshine, etc to carry the same purpose.

Rigorous training

To be Ashtavaidya is not an easy task, one has to go through rigorous method of training to understand and implement the knowledge. As Ashtavaiya of Kerala accepts outsiders and does not hesitates the pass the massage of knowledge which would enable them to practice the same. Education pattern involves long period of intense study, apprenticeship and an ideal master. The Ashtavaidya of Kerala represents the transparent knowledge of Ayurveda in fact they breathe Ayurveda.

Vagbhata and Kerala

The historical account states Vagbhata travelled a considerable distance to make his way to Kerala. Vagbhata who is considered as founding father of Ashtavaidya during his final year of research found Kerala an abundant resource of medicinal plant. Ashtavaidya of Kerala was thoroughly inspired by an idea of Vagbhata and his knowledge was par excellence about dealing with neurological diseases and arthritis. The idea of passing the knowledge then came into shore as vast concept were handed down from father to son and from generation to generation to establish an unbroken trend for which Kerala is renowned.

Treatment and therapy in Kerala

With dunes of history and continuous research of sage and vaidyas the treatment and therapy has got into different level. Therapies and treatment ever since the research work have grown up potentially and today, the state could practically deal with problems which were impossible imagination in past days but now it has come up with different ideology not leaving the grounds of traditional roots.

At present

Kerala is an awesome hub and at present it has numerous hospitals and resorts where traveller could come and enjoy the treat of Ayurveda. The understanding unfortunately has been very wrong and static but Kerala is a dictionary in its own league. The growing methods and sublime therapy would heal internal and external injury beside that it is very effective in releasing stress and Yoga along with physiotherapy is doing great work in Kerala.

Kerala Ayurvedic resorts

Sub Tropical beauty is a heaven on earth and nature has blessed its entire surroundings with so much of love and compassion. The myth on the other hand have always been generous to God’s own country and resources within is enough to treat human diseases with natural hands. Kerala Ayurvedic resort gives you an opportunity to explore the best of ayurvedic treatment. It has bounty of herbs and ancient knowledge and if you think Ayurveda is cosmic belief then think again as stimulating resorts around Kerala offers the best Ayurvedic vacation to travellers.

Ayurvedic Therapy in Kerala

Ayurvedic Therapy or treatment refers to an application of an idea to a body to recover from an instance of pain, frustration, mental illness etc. The Ayurvedic therapy is a combination of medicinal ingredients natural in character and inscription of ancient writings. The therapy could be of many types as concept of Ayurveda itself is dimensional, it considers dasha and yoga and treats it according to the concept of problems.