Karmatang Beach

Pinpointed at a considerable distance of about 12kms from Mayabunder subsides the very glamorous Karmatang Beach. The Beach provides you a golden opportunity to trail in the lap of Mother Nature. Enthralled by natural exquisiteness on all sides, the Karmatang Beach offers a very serene environment, thereby instilling calmness and freshness in one. The beach is an ideal dwelling place of the turtles. The beach is often flooded by visitors who come there for a small stopover. Besides this, the Karmatang Beach is blessed with a very amusing weather. The sea is a little variable but the splendid picturesque of the beach compensates this invariability.

Tourism Value

Widely renowned as Turtle’s paradise, the Karmatang Beach is one of the most visited places of the Andaman Islands. Tourists usually flock to the place in order to catch a glimpse of these exotic turtles. The Beach is truly a paradise for those who want to enjoy some coolness and freshness. After visiting the beach, one may feel totally cool as the beach shares its calmness with you. The elegance of the beach captivates the tourists. The beach is circumscribed by palm trees and abounds with dazzling sand peeped by the glazing sun and the clear blue sky. The crystal clear water of the sea waves is ample to create a magical spell on you. If one is planning for a small vacation, then the Karmatang Beach is an ideal one. The Karmatang Beach is an inseparable and crucial part of the Andaman Islands; henceforth maintain its charisma on numerous tourists.


The Karmatang Beach is a storehouse of many activities. The beach is seized with adventurers, trekkers and campers. Scuba-diving and snorkelling are some of the water sports that the travellers take pleasure in.

Scuba Diving

The stimulating expertise of Scuba diving is a prime tourist attraction. The charisma of Scuba Diving lies in the fact the one can get a closer glance of the action-packed marine life. This life hides in the outline of wonderful water bodies, chirpy fishes and incontrovertibly exciting corals. Inundated photography is a very big appeal. Scuba diving helps you to depict the vagueness of the sunken ships, thereby quenching the thirst of the meddling ones. Scuba diving truly instils calmness in you.


Snorkelling is another popular adventure sport of the Karmatang Beach Through snorkelling, one can witness such pleasurable loveliness that cannot be witnessed through any other sport. An ornate blending of a multiplicity of sharks, sun-rays and corals is visible. This sight sets the tourists startled. In addition to that, trekking and camping are also some of the options that one may go for.


One can go trekking through the nature track from Mt. Harriet to Madhuban and enjoy the exceptional forest life, flora and fauna. Howver, there are trekking routes available. Trekking paraphernalia can be extracted from Port Blair.

Island Camping

Island Camping is an ideal alternative for the nature freaks. If one wishes to enjoy the vibrancy of the sun and the sea; and sit in the lap of Mother Nature, then the Karmatang Beach is just the perfect place. Moreover, one can also hire tents from the months of October and May.

Things to remember

With regard to your prime concern, it is recommended to carry an anti-mosquito cream as the sand flies abound the place during sunset. Before setting for the Karmatang Beach, the following things need to be kept in mind:

For National Tourists:

It is advisable to all domestic tourists to kindly verify their tickets, be it the flight one or the ship one. Permits are not needed by them to access the Islands. There is strict prohibition on paying a visit to the tribal arenas of the districts of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. In case if one wants to visit, then one needs to seek permission from the Deputy Commissioner of Andamans.

For International Tourists:

A special permit is required by the international tourists in order to access the heavenly beauty of the Andaman Islands. The permit operates for a considerable period of 30days and can be extended for 15days, if necessary. The permit can be granted from Indian Missions abroad or the immigration departments in Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi, and Madras or on onset at Port Blair Airport.

Best time to visit the Beach

The best season to visit these stunning islands is from November to March. If one wants to seek pleasure from the monsoons of this island, then the months amid May and September are the best phase.