Jolly Buoy Island

Located at a considerable distance of about 50kms from the capital city of Port Blair subsides the very exotic Jolly Buoy Island. It is one of the most visited spots in the dominion of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The beauty and magnificence of Jolly Buoy island is beyond words. The Jolly Buoy Island is like the last part of the world; hence one can imagine the pleasure it offers. The rich sand in the beach dazzled by the sparkling light of the sun is a sight to behold. The sea water instils freshness and serenity in your mind and soul.

Tourism Value

The Jolly Buoy Island is like a paradise on earth. It is not only famous for its splendour and beauty, it is also famous or its eco-friendly nature. A very important feature that seems to impress the tourists is that the Jolly Buoy Islands is a plastic prohibited region. This helps to maintain the greenery of the islands. Besides this, innumerable tourists flock to the place in order to witness its beauty. The Jolly Buoy Island portrays an awe-inspiring sight of submarine and coral life. In order to have a closer glance at the coral dominions, glass bottom boats have been provided. The beach surrounded by thick bushes shines under the golden sun. If one wants to have a peep at the marine life, then the beach is an ideal one. In addition to that, the beach is the best place to encounter scuba diving and snorkelling; henceforth charming adventure lovers.


As already mentioned, the Jolly Buoy Island is the best place to try out scuba diving and snorkelling. Besides this, it is a picnic spot as well. It is mandatory for the adventurers to carry their swim suits with themselves. If lucky, one can also spot some dolphins.

Scuba Diving

The exhilarating skill of Scuba diving is a chief tourist attraction. The popularity of Scuba Diving lies in the fact the one can get a closer peep of the mesmerizing marine life. This life hides in the form of splendid water bodies, vibrant fishes and undoubtedly fascinating corals. Underwater photography is a very big attraction. Scuba diving helps you to unveil the inscrutability of the sunken ships, thereby quenching the thirst of the inquisitive ones. Scuba diving truly instils freshness in you.


Snorkelling is another popular adventure sport of the Jolly Buoy Island. In order to witness some breath taking snorkelling activity, one can also take a trip in one of the open fishing boats that render excursions in the Jolly Buoy Island. Through snorkelling, one can witness such heavenly beauty that cannot be witnessed through any other sport. A colourful collaboration of a diversity of turtles, sharks, sun-rays and corals is showcased. This site sets the tourists dumbstruck.

Best time to visit

March and April are the best months to explore the very exotic Jolly Buoy Island.

Things to remember

One must not forget the fact that the Jolly Buoy Island is a no plastic zone. Before accessing the island, one has to submit all their plastic items at Wandoor Beach. In addition to that, they also have to put down a security sum against the submitted item. They can get their money as well as the items after returning from the beach. However, one needs to pay an additional amount in case they have a camera or a video camera.