Indira Point

Anybody would be inquisitive to know about the southernmost tip of India. People have always wondered what actually forms the southernmost tip of the Indian Republic. The Indira Point in the Nicobar Island is the answer to all these quests. Pinpointed in the massive Nicobar Island of the eastern portion of the Indian Ocean, the Indira Point is truly a place of outstanding picturesque gorgeousness. It is one of the most visited places of Nicobar Island which is explored by numerous tourists every year.

The Indira Point is well renowned for its beaches, circumscribed by natural environs. The place provides a soothing relief from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Besides its breath taking scenic beauty and mesmerizing surroundings, Indira Point is famous for its sky scarpering Lighthouse. Entrenched in 1972, the Indira Point Lighthouse derived its nomenclature in the beloved memory of the fourth Prime Minister of India, Smt. Indira Gandhi. The Lighthouse resembles a tower and is a crucial signpost for the ships approaching from Malacca. Formerly known as the Parsons Point followed by the Pygmalion Point, the Island was finally known as the Indira point due to the sheer visit of Smt. Indira Gandhi to the place.


Sited in the heart of water, the Indira Lighthouse is one of the grandest lighthouses of the world. It is so beautiful that it creates a spell on its visitors. The stairway surrounding the light house is dipped in red and white stripes, thereby providing a fascinating look to the lighthouse.The demoralizing tsunami of 24th December, 2004 rendered the lighthouse in a deteriorating condition but in spite of this, it’s persevering for a comeback. Fortunately, it has made an outstanding comeback, henceforth allocating ships traversing through the Malaysia – Malacca – India route. Ranging over sixteen nautical miles, the lighthouse is happily unfastened for tourists. As per the tourists, the view from this lighthouse is spectacular.


The place can be easily approached from the capital city of Port Blair. It takes more than a sea’s voyage to access the Indira Point. One can also reach the Point from the very famous and grand Sumatra island of Indonesia as it is situated at a considerable distance of 160km from Sumatra. One can easily encounter the place via airways. Port Blair is the capital city and main airport of Andaman Islands. Chennai, Kolkata, Vishakhapatnam and other cities in India connect themselves to this exotic place. The Kingfisher and Jet Airways render commendable services to the passengers.


The view of sunset from the southernmost point of the Indian Republic is worth seeing. Surprisingly, the place is one of the best honeymoon destinations of the Republic. Obviously, the newly wedded couples would like to start a new journey of their life from a place filled with beauty, tranquillity and gorgeousness; and this southernmost tip is an ideal one.

Thus, we can say that the Indira Point is an inseparable part of the Republic of India. Though it is not located in the mainland of India, yet the place is equally important as any other place of the land and is never underestimated. In fact, people have paid special attention to this unveiled part of India. Last but not the least; one must definitely visit the place at least once in their lifetime.