Himachal Culture

Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful state and is mostly known for its natural splendor and picturesque hill stations. But apart from that this scenic state is also known for its rich culture and traditions that touches the heart of the tourists and the visitors as they walk though the streets of Himachal Pradesh.

The state has ethnic groups as well as the main communities that include the Rajputs, Brahmins, Rathis, Kolis and the Kannets. Apart from that there are ethnic groups or tribal people mainly of Kinnars, Gujjars, Lahulis, Pangawals and Gaddis. Residents of this state are very simple, friendly nature and mainly the diverse culture of Himachal Pradesh is very much striking that touches the heart of every tourist who comes here for holidays.

Culture of Himachal Pradesh is best seen during the culture festivals as communities from every background come put up dance performance displaying their rich culture and traditions. Since ages the Himachal Pradesh culture is fascinating tourists and even today during the Manali winter carnival cultural programs are organized to let the tourists and the visitors known about the splendid heritage and cultural splendor of Himachal Pradesh.

The art forms, dress code, culture festivals and fairs beautiful handicrafts, wood work, metal ware and the pashmina shawl are also the important part of the rich culture beauty of Himachal Pradesh.