Harminder Bay Beach

Harminder Bay Beach is recognized as one of the most amazing beaches of the Andamans. Located at a distance of about 100kms from the capital city of Port lair, the each is a huge tourist attraction. Sanctified by an astounding weather, blooming green surroundings and the crystal clear waters, the Harminder Bay Beach is one of the most appealing beaches of the Andaman Islands. The Harminder Bay Beach witnesses the beautiful unification of the vibrant waves of the Indian Ocean with the sandy beaches of the Andamans.

Tourism Value

Such is the grandeur of the beach that it draws the attention of innumerable people. It is one of the most exotic beaches of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is truly a paradise of beauty. Anybody call fall in love with the magnificence of the beach at first sight. Tourists are usually attracted to the place due to its mesmerizing beauty. The beach is counted among those places that give you a feeling of loveliness. The beach is encountered by tourists from both national and international level. The place is of extreme tourism value. Besides enchanting the tourists, the beach is also quite popular among the locals, thereby boosting up the tourism industry. The locals often visit the place for picnics; the beach is a hotspot among the locals


The Harminder Bay Beach is a storehouse of many activities. The beach is seized with adventurers, trekkers and campers. Scuba-diving and snorkelling are some of the water sports that the travellers take pleasure in.

Scuba Diving

The thought-provoking knowledge of Scuba diving is chief tourist magnetism. The charm of Scuba Diving lies in the fact the one can get a closer peep of the beguiling marine life. This life hides in the sketch of magnificent water bodies, bright fishes and certainly exciting corals. Suffused photography is a very big appeal. Scuba diving helps you to portray the abstraction of the sunken ships, thereby quenching the thirst of the meddling ones. Scuba diving truly instils calmness in you.


Snorkelling is another popular adventure sport of the Harminder Bay Beach. Through snorkelling; one can witness such gratifying attractiveness that cannot be witnessed through any other sport. An over-elaborate amalgamation of a diversity of sharks, sun-rays and corals is visible. This spectacle sets the tourists startled.


The beach is a supreme one for sun-bathing. One can simply lie around in the glittery sun. The sand of the beach is so soft and smooth that it compels the visitors to stay on it as long as they can.


Once you visit the place, it would become obligatory for you to take out your camera and capture the exquisiteness of the beach, thereby making the beach an ideal one for photography.

Things to remember

Before setting out for the Beach, one must always memorize to prove their tickets. One must always carry safe drinking water and some snacks with them.If one is opting for any water sports, then they must carry an extra pair of clothes. One must desert the beach by 4pm; otherwise you may find yourself wandering amid the dark forests. It is suggested to carry a water-resistant camera as the ones presented by the locals may prove quite expensive.One can also carry medicines, in case of any sort of sea-sickness.

Best time to visit

The best time to view the charm of the beach is between November-March. However, if one wants to experience the monsoons in the Harminder Bay Beach, then May to September is the best phase.