Guruvayoor Tour Packages

Guruvayoor and its spiritual association with divinity of Lord Krishna have made it a celestial town settlement of Kerala. Located at a distance of around 30 km from the mainland of Thrissur, it could be consider as synonymous of pious pilgrimage and with an abundance of temple it is becoming more and more ambitious and compassionate. The legendary incidents and historical phenomenon shares chronology with opium of Lord Krishna which in turn attracts devote from every corner of the world. To get blessings by a virtue of almighty we would suggest traveler to book a package with Kerala tour package to get optimum comfort and console.

Tourist places around Guruvayoor

Guruvayur Elephant Sanctuary:

it is a world of elephant and its religious alliance with Lord Krishna has made it more prominent. Set at a gentle walking distance from world renowned Guruvayoor Temple this elephant sanctuary looks to preserve a gesture of Mother Nature.

Athirapilly Water Falls:

probably it is amongst a most designated tourist destination where nature lovers come from every corner to understand the tropical helms of Kerala. The mild syrup of springs that gushes down from the height of 80 feet roars to make it completely fascinating and harmonious.

Palayoor Church:

to understand an influence of Christianity in Kerala, traveler should take a walk to hallowed ambiance of Palayoor church where artistic architecture and divine testimony would enthrall your mind. Located at a distance of around 2 km from the main land of Guruvayoor town, this holistic church is visited by traveler from every corner of the world.

Chettuva backwater:

it is more than a fascinating mix of canals as abundance of coconuts and islets has made it a serene tourist destination where you can hop in to find your peace of mind. The long stretch of ocean and prominence of backwater decorates this place with all essential gems and trinkets.

Blangad Beach:

nestled within a close proximity of Chettuva backwaters, the Blangad Beach is a bolt from the blue. The evening session here would be more than a journey as an essence of fragile nature unfolds its miracles to captivate the mind of travelers.

Guruvayoor temple:

it is a most religious sanctum around Guruvayoor and it is a primary devout centre of Guruvayoor. The temple is dedicated to praise the glory of Lord Krishna and the most amazing thing to appreciate about this temple is its architectural manifesto that defines typical style of Kerala tradition.

Things to do

There are set of things you can look to contemplate with while coming here at this holy abode of Lord Krishna. The classified rush of adventure and spiritual hegemony lures traveler from every corner of the world.

Expedition of wildlife:

the first and the most prominent thing that nature lovers would love to do while coming here is, take a trip to Guruvayur Elephant Sanctuary where they would have an occasion to understand and interpret nature.

Backwater cruise and beach activities:

the backwater cruise at Chettuva and prolonged beach activities around Blangad Beach and Athirapally waterfalls would sum up the course of adventure for traveler.

Holy pilgrimage:

with an abundance of temple around Guruvayoor, a virtue of pilgrimage becomes the most promising task that devotee can look to carry out while coming here. Beside that offerings and march of festival would serve you with an occasion to revive the glory of spiritual sensation.

How to reach Guruvayoor

Guruvayoor is a spiritual land of Thrissur district and it is considered as abode of Lord Krishna. The tourism here is rather celestial then general and here people come from every corner of the world to perform pilgrimage to attain salvation, penance and tributes are some of the other things that are associated with the divine environment of Guruvayoor. An abundance of temple around and its architecture definitely strikes the mind and through its structure one would have an occasion to understand the mix background of culture.

Restaurants in Guruvayoor

Restaurants in Guruvayoor are simply culinary delights for those who prefer vegetarian lifestyle or love to have vegetarian food. It is because lots of restaurants are in Guruvayoor offering delicious and mouth-watering pure vegetarian foods directly brought from the Keralite kitchen. Although there is no as such restriction on non-vegetarian foods, but only few stalls and bars can be located in Guruvayoor. Foods served in these restaurants are sure to give you the typical flavour of Kerala and are very healthy and nutritious too.

Guruvayoor Shopping

Guruvayoor is basically a religious destination and there is little scope for a full fledged shopping. However, do not be disappointed by this fact as there are some commercial alleys located in East Nada and West Nada. They tend to sell products such as religious books and CDs, brassware, mural paintings, lamps, electronic items along with authentic and unique Kerala handicrafts that can be taken back home and gifted to your friends and relatives.