Great Nicobar Island

Sprawling over an outstanding area of about 1045sq km, the Great Nicobar Island is the largest island in the huddle of Nicobar Island. The Great Nicobar Island has been blessed with numerous exotic beaches, appealing picnic spots, mesmerizing beauty and a large variety of flora and fauna. In fact, the Great Nicobar Island encompasses the southernmost point of the Indian Republic-the Indira Point. Hence the place is of extreme tourism value and is equally important for the Indian Republic. Their charismatic appeal cannot be described; it must only be witnesses.

Tourism Value

The main tourist attraction of the Great Nicobar Island is not any monument or a beach or anything such. In practice, the natural beauty of the place reflects great tourism value. Nature has endowed this exotic Island with spectacular varieties of flora and fauna. The forest area is acknowledged as a biosphere reserve famed as The Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve. It is abode to various exceptional and restricted species of plants and animals. Such is the natural beauty of the island that people keep flocking to the place throughout the year. In addition to that, the Great Nicobar Island is a very popular honeymoon destination, thereby providing a lovely retreat to the love birds or the newly wedded couples.


The Island is blessed with a pleasing weather throughout the year. As it is positioned in the Torrid Zone and surrounded by the Bay of Bengal, the island does not witness the onset of winters. However, it does observe rains all through the year. Hence, only two types of seasons prevail in the islands-monsoon and summer.

Summer Season: More often than not the summer Season of Nicobar is persistent from end of January to June. 22°C to 31°C is the average temperature in the island and surprisingly the island is invaded by storms during summers.

Monsoon Season: The months amid May and November witnesses the drastic monsoon seasons. 280cm is the standard yearly rainfall.

Tourist attractions in and around

Campbell Bay National Park-Pinpointed in the Great Nicobar Island, the Campbell Bay National park is one of its major tourist attractions. Turned into a national park in the year 1992, the park witnesses a multiplex of orchids and other blossoming plants. Spreading over a massive area of about 426 square kilometres, the Campbell Bay National Park is the perfect place for bird watching. Various types of animals are also found in the park such as Nicobar pigeon and giant robber crab. The idyllic time for approaching the Campbell Bay National Park is between the months of March and October where you can truly feel the true essence of Mother Nature.

Indira Point-How can one forget the southernmost tip of the Indian Republic? The Indira point, named after the fourth Prime Minister of India, Smt. Indira Gandhi, is one of the most witnessed places of the Great Nicobar Island. The lighthouse is another prime attraction of the island. Besides this, the awe-inspiring beauty of the island is sufficient to spell bound the visitors.

How to Reach

Airways and Shipways are always available for the warm service of the travellers. Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata and other cities connect you to Port Blair. Once you reach Port Blair, you can easily reach your desired beach. Besides that, regular passenger ship services are offered in order to access Port Blair from Chennai, Kolkata and Visakhapatnam, thereby covering duration of 3-4 days.