Goa Tour Packages

Life could be very beautiful, when we see beautiful and think beautiful and thoughts could only get a wings when it is peruse in a place where silent meets space and space meets desire destiny.

Modern day’s travellers are very conscious regarding their destination and so far Goa has lived up to their expectation. Natural escape, scenic spots, comfy accommodation, plenty space, shimmering beaches and many more.Goa has always been a place renowned for it’s relax lifestyle and to enjoy an ambiance of Goa, people comes from far seas with tour package so that they don’t miss out in any of the place where secrets of fantasy is hidden.Goa tour package, which looks to offer you splendid time within a mild zone of beaches where possibilities meet aspiration and aspiration, inspires nature to exhibit true culture of this wonderful place.

Make sure to pay visit here as the meandering culture reflects Portuguese mores and their architectural testimony would not be so inspiring if they had not invade a site of Goa where they performed their merry time activity till the point they ruled the waves of the engulfing beaches and shores.

As you could imagine, profound beauty of Goa is not only scaled by its brilliance of aquatic life but a shopping culture and architectural marvels are so much exquisite only a time could understand its importance and so the time has nurture its splendour with all its sands.Countless wonder sophisticated at a shores of Goa defines tranquilly and serenity of nature. Nestled at an Indian territory, tourism has so much graced this place with its courtesy.Sea food, delightful environment, white washed sands, local market and other places of interest has added more glitter to decorate delicate lines of goa.

Beaches like Candolim, Colva, Benaulim, Calangute stretch, Majorda and Miramar all are so ideal for your vacation, so make sure you have Goa tour package as they are offering brilliant time at a site of Goa beaches.

Leisure walk and adventure water sports could well be a thing that you are planning to do during this vacation so contact with Goa tour package and get your booking.As most of the packages have their common nodal point as Mumbai from where they arrive to Goa and beside this you have a brilliant opportunity to gather up with your tour representatives and from there you travel down to a beauty of goa.All the packages are subject to customer convenience, as they have a provision which would meet customer desire and budget so in order to book one make sure to contact Fare Tours.

Beautiful beaches of Goa is waiting for you to spend a magical time and at a same time you can look for beach resort to spend some private and alone time with your company.So to make your journey a wholesome experience remember to book one for you as the meandering beach of Goa has so much within for its tourist, why stay alone come home.

Bright And Joyful Goa During Christmas & New Year

If you are planning to visit the state of Goa located in the Western Coast of India. It will be great for you to visit it during the festive season of Christmas and New Year when this place is at its best. The state is alive and creates an exotic fun filled atmosphere throughout the month of December. During the celebration of New Year and Christmas, this place will offer with things that are beyond imagination. The gala events and grandeur that is presented during this time of the year has made Goa the hottest and happening place in the country with great pomp and show.

Rides In Two Wheeler In North Goa

Even if you have visited lots of beaches sand indulge in many activities, Goa is someplace which will offer you with all its beauty and charm along with wide range of activities that will captivate you for a memorable moment to cherish and poise for your entire life. Enriched and blessed with everything a traveler needs to satiate the hunger of nature and traveling, Goa particularly the Northern beaches are truly the gift of nature making even a shy guy fall in to the real shades of life where he/she can relish everything under the sun in a hippies way.

Goa Canyoning

Goa is not just about the pristine beaches and the historic structures, there is not more to be explored in this beautiful state of India.One of the interesting ways to discover the lush green forests of Goa is a canyoning trip. A variety of adventurous activities are linked with canyoning such as jumping and abseiling. The Netravali wildlife sanctuary situated in the south east part of Goa is popular among the tourists for the jungle adventure. Over here, the canyoning trip is organised by two French citizens along with Scottish and French guides.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

The Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is situated to the south of Panaji and is 60kms away from it. The establishment of the sanctuary took place in 1969. You will be amazed to know that it is the second largest sanctuary of Goa with 86 sq kms as its area. It is blessed with Talpona river channel. However reaching the sanctuary is a tedious task.


The St. Cajetan Church is situated to the right of Viceroy’s Arch andis beyond the gate of Yusuf Adil shah’s Palace in Old Goa. It will just take three minutes to walk from Se Cathedral to the Church. The pattern of construction is said to be inspired by the design of Basilica of St. Peter which is in Rome. It is plastered with lime and built with the help of laterite blocks.The architectural pattern is said to be Corinthian and can be found both inside as well as outside the church.


Casinos in Goa are not considered as a crime and are legal and it is because of this very reason that many tourists come down to Goa. Mostly the Casinos can be found on ships because gambling on land is considered a crime. However, you should keep one thing in your mind that each Casino has its own dress code and if you fail to wear it then you will not be allowed to enter the Casino.

Mapusa Town In Goa

Mapusa is a pristine town located in north Goa. The town standsas one of the chief commercial centres of the northern part of the state. The place is chiefly known for its Friday market, which is a very colourful and vibrant event of the place.The market is set from the early morning till the late evening, which attracts a considerable number of tourists. Mapusa offers various options for sightseeing, ranging from its colourful bazaars to historical forts.

Cabo Da Rama Fort

The Cabo da Rama Fort is situated in Canacona taluka.The fort got its name from the hero of epic Ramayana, Rama. It is believed that Lord Rama along with his wife stayed here during the exile from Ayodhya. However, in 1763 the Portuguese took over the beautiful fort from the raja of Sonda and renovated it according to their will and wish.

Essence Of History Within Chapora Fort

Fort near Vagator beach which is just 22 km away from Panaji is a brilliant work of structure and has a beauty that works as a charm within an area. Facing a beauty of Chapora River the fort is graphed by steep slope and higher slopes outside the wall.

Reflecting a history of Portuguese who further embrace a wall of fort to save their kingdom after their arrival at Bardez, based and formed to protect a wall the measures of this sites are defensive as the cannons still holds its position reflecting a history of that times.