Gangtok Tour Packages

Gangtok the land of breathtaking picturesque charm is visited by numerous tourists throughout the year from several locations of the globe. This admirable arresting town is the capital and biggest town of the Sikkim state. It is amid in the Shivalik Hills of the eastern Himalayan ambit at a distance of 1,437 meters aloft sea level.

Serene and enigmatic Gangtok has long been the on the wish of the every vacationers. Honeymooners, leisure vacationers, globe trotters and nature lovers love to visit this special hill town and explore the snow capped Himalayan peaks, shimmering streams, lush green deep valleys, occasional waterfalls, unsurpassable culture and religion fascinates each and every vacationers on Gangtok tours. Besides these the region it is very well renowned for its exquisite natural beauty and wildlife. 

This splendid town is a melting pot of tradition and modernity. Recently the modernism has given a big bang on the town with numerous nightclubs, malls, pub etc. on the contrast one can also eye witness the chanting of mantra by Lamas, few Buddhist pilgrimage sites here which as well are the prime allure to Buddhist. The lakes, gardens with exotic flora also invite vacationers from all over the globe here. Gangtok is very widely known and esteemed for its scenic beauty and panoramic view of the Mt. Kanchan Junga 3rd highest peak in the world.

Its awe –inspiring architectural beauty spread out with Pagoda like wooden houses, fabricated turquoise roofs and small bazaars. Gangtok is one of the very few hill resorts, which has maintained its vernacular stature. Though tourism is flourishing here, the local people and their warm and humble ways of delighting visitors makes this hill town keep hold of the holiness of this place and also keep it far from being urbanized like many other hill stations.

The most of the tourist attractions in Gangtok are Museums, Monasteries and scenic spots. Deer Park is one of the most sought after attractions to see which offers out of this world view of the gorgeous valleys surrounding the city of Gangtok against the setting of excellent Mt. Kanachan Junga at its backdrop. Red Panda, Himalayan Bear and many others are also some wildlifes which can be seen here.

Dul Dul Chortena is a place of worship for the Tibetan which was built under the supervision of the late most Venerable Rimpoche is worth a visit. Other monasteries are Pemayangtse Monastery which dates 17th century and Labrang Monastery about a century old, both belongs to Nyingmapa Sect. The Roayal Chapel, Tasuklakhang within the place grounds has large collections of Buddhist scriptures.

Gangtok is pleasant to explore in summers and in winters for those who love adventures. The region is excellently connected by roads. The elegant and warm Sikkimese people, their smiling faces, soothing lifestyle and the towering beauty of Mt. Kanachan Junga all cast a magic spell on this blissful place in the foothills of the Grand Himalayans and will entice you to visit again and again here.

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