Gangamaya Park

Gangamaya Park is a grant installment which was commissioned by tourism department of Darjeeling working under the provision of Autonomous hill council. Located at a distance of around 3 km from Barbotey Rcok Garden, the Gangamaya Park is amongst the favorite tourist destination of Darjeeling district. As compare to its parental division it is a latest edition to lure traveler from every corner of the world.

Over view of the Park

The folklore of tourism in Darjeeling district is not introductory things rather it is in the bone of Himalayan glory and a classical example of such development in tourism is Gangamaya Park. It is a recreational centre where traveler comes from every corner to enjoy the blissful serenity and the springs that gushes from a tinkle height. The surrounding picture of the park is covered by foothill of mountain along with the slide and in between the gentle stream flows downwards. The park has a foot over bridge from where traveler can a centric view of the stream beside that one can also view the testimony of an undisturbed forest area.

There is a small lake bounded by rocks and rock bed where traveler can perform boating by paying nominal fee beside that there is a lovely fountain to appreciate. The floral of garden and spacious seating arrangement around serves brilliant occasion to its traveler from where they can seat and enjoy the serenity that it has to offer.


During the time of Gorkhaland agitation an innocent was shot down by police administration while supporting the cause of Gorkhaland which was put into limelight by Gorkha National Liberation Front during the course of late 80’s. To pray tribute to her sacrifice and dedication towards movement the park was constructed and just after its inauguration it was named after her so that every Gorkha people living around Darjeeling district could understand the significance of her sacrifice.

Development prospect

It was a noble concept of posthumous ruling party of Darjeeling to carve something like Gangamaya Park which is a later installment of project after an inauguration of Rock garden. The hidden idea behind creating such tourist spot was not just to bag revenue but to support the economic bone of the local people living within its periphery. At present after a downfall of left, new political circumstance did not neglected its importance and continued to work on its preservation and development.

Nearby attraction

The most possible tourist attraction around its close proximity is Rock Garden. From main town it is located at a distance of around 10 km and it could be considered as one of the proimary tourist attraction of Darjeeling. The road that leads towards Ganga Maya Park and Rock Garden meanders down or rather say rolls down like a glory and the same is a main characteristic feature of its beauty.

Best time to visit

The month of summer that starts from March till June and season of spring that starts from mid September till November could be consider as the main season to make your presence here.

Things to do

Boating on paddle and picnic around its vicinity are the two important socializing activities that traveler can look to do while coming here.

Entry fee and duration

For Indian tourist it would cost around Rs 10 and for overseas traveler it is around Rs 50. Visit duration is of around 2 hours but to understand its brilliance traveler might have to sit here for hours to appreciate its intensity.