Elephant Beach

Pinpointed nearby the very exotic Radhanagar Beach of the Andaman Islands resides another marvellous beach, the Elephant Beach. It is one of the most encountered beaches of the Andaman Islands. A visit to the Havelock Island without a visit to the Elephant Beach cannot be justified as it takes only 20mins by boat to access the Beach. In addition to that, bikers also take pleasure in a ride from Radhanagar Beach to Elephant Beach. The Elephant Beach is truly very gorgeous. It beauty must not be described; it must only be seen and felt. The beach dazzles with the soft sand under the vibrant sun, thereby providing a very splendid look to the beach. Moreover, the Elephant Beach is a storehouse of coral reefs. As can be revealed by its name, elephants are the biggest attraction of the Elephant Beach.

Tourism Value

As already mentioned, the Elephant Beach is one of the most visited beaches of the Andaman Islands. Its outstanding and alluring beauty, dazzling beaches, calm and serene environment; and most importantly the iridescent waterfalls all of them seem to increment the tourism worth of the Elephant Beach. The beach is flooded by tourists throughout the year. Besides enjoying the grandeur of the beach, the tourists also enjoy the elephant safaris, elephant bumbling and the training of the elephant calves. These elephant activities seem to be very enjoyed by the kids. Tourists take great delight in such activities. Mangrove forests form the interiors of the beach, henceforth providing a grand look to the beach.


The Elephant Beach offers some of the most fascinating activities such as Surfing, sun bathing, coral viewing and boating. Snorkelling and Glass Bottom Boat Rides also some of the key attractions of the place. Besides this, the elephants are also there to entertain you.


Snorkelling is another fashionable adventure sport of the Elephant Beach. Through snorkelling, one can by stand such pleasant exquisiteness that cannot be witnessed through any other sport. An elaborate amalgamation of a cornucopia of sharks, sun-rays and corals is visible. This sight sets the tourists anxious. Through snorkelling, one can take a closer look at the beautiful world subsiding underwater. The presence of small colourful fishes, corals of varying sizes, the gentle waves, the exposed trees, the silvery beach and the affectionate tropical waters; in fact there is so much that can be expressed about the beach; all of them instil a feeling of calmness and freshness in you. The view of the sunset is mind blasting. The way the slivery beach shines under the setting sun is truly a sight to behold. One can also enjoy watching the corals 20ft deep.

Things to remember

Before setting out for the Beach, one must never forget to confirm their tickets. One must always carry safe drinking water and some snacks with them. If one is opting for any water sports, then they must carry an extra pair of clothes. One must abandon the beach by 4pm, lest you may find yourself wandering amid the dark forests. It is recommended to carry a water-resistant camera as the ones offered by the locals may prove quite expensive. One can also carry medicines, in case of any sort of sea-sickness.