Diglipur Island

The Diglipur Island is one of the most mesmerizing islands of the Andaman archipelago. If one wants to feel the essence of heaven on earth, then Diglipur is one such place. The place proves to be paradise for the admirers and lovers of nature. One must also visit the island if one wants to get a step closer to the marine world. Thus we can see that there are twin benefits of visiting the island. Firstly, one can enjoy the beauty of the world outside water and secondly, one can feel the charisma of the world inside water. The Diglipur Island is extremely famed for oranges, rice, and marine life and mud volcanoes. The island is a complete package and has a lot in store to offer its visitors. Positioned with close proximity with the Kalipur beach, the Diglipur Island possesses the highest peak of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Saddle Peak. Besides this, the Diglipur Island bears another exotic beach, the Lamiya Bay Beach. The Lamiya Bay Beach is a vast expanse of sand expanding all along the sea. This is a relishing treat for the lovers of heavenly beauty. The rocks on the seashore, the crystal clear waters and unquestionably the sandy beach all tend to increment the loveliness of the beach. Besides this, one can also an extensive array of corals in the beach.

What exactly does a traveller need? Peace, entertainment, solitude? The Diglipur Island offers all such things to its travellers. In fact, with regard to the Lamiya Bay Beach, the best thing about the beach is its grand arrangement of rocks. This definitely seems like a standard scene from a movie. If one wants to witness the coolness of the waters, then the rocky arrangement of the beach is a proper sitting settlement. The stretched and passionate instant of privacy at the beach, while perching on the rocks and providing a ear to the pulsating waves beating next to the rocks that furnishes a harmonious sound and instils harmony and peace to the mind. What makes the Lamiya Beach dissimilar from the other beaches is the sheer presence of rocks. Innumerable tourists flock to the place in order to observe this captivating sight. The major attractions of the Diglipur Island are the Ross & Smith Island, the Saddle Peak National Park, the Ram Nagar beach, the Lamiya Bay Beach and mud volcano.

If one wants to away from the hustle and bustle of the modern and busy world, then the Diglipur Island is an ideal place. One can simply relax in the island and get some peace.


The Diglipur Island comprises inhabitants from Kerala and Bangladesh. However, the place also encompasses Telugu, Tamil, Bihari and Bengali people.

Best time to visit

One can pay a visit to the Diglipur Island between the months of November and March. During this time of the months, weather condition is pleasant and more of all

How to Reach

One can easily reach the Diglipur Island via the capital city of Port Blair which is located at a distance of about 290km from it. Aerial Bay Jetty the most probable way to access the Island.

Best Time to Visit

Traveler can come here during the months of October to May and June till August to revere the beautiful and magnificent surroundings of the island.