Darjeeling Ropeway

The serene Himalayan ranges of Darjeeling district is a synonymous to brilliant atmosphere and to experience its highlander testimony the cable car could be the most promising thing you could ever ask to live with. The concept of Cable car and its development was initiated by forest department in and around 1968 and during that phase it comprised a single car and it had one runway but owing to its popularity and adventure thrill the next phase of development work was installed and upgraded.

Geographical importance and classification of route

The geographical setting of the ropeway is inclined towards the downhill from an elevation of 7001 ft. Singamari is a lay off point and from here the bi-cable stress downwards to 6000 ft at Tukvar. An entire journey takes around40 minutes to complete if you decide not to stroll around the serenity and village settlement of Tukvar. The total round trip is off 5 km but what amazing to understand is an amount of fun you would be dealing with.

Accounts of up gradation

At first it was a gentle approach for which Forest department should be given all credits and later on with its growing prominence 16 more cars were introduced beside that one way lane was transformed and was given full fledged environment for its crucial development.

Importance of tourism

From tourism point of view it is one of the most surprising ingredients that assembles traveler from every corner of the world. The characteristic feature of this Ropeway has been changed and upgraded which means the measure of safety has been ensured and that certain factors lures traveler from every corner of the world. The continuous effort of tourism department along with West Bengal Government has made this cable car ride a prominent adventure rides around Darjeeling and it is only in Darjeeling you would find such provision.During the month of season you would see traveler standing in queue to enjoy an adventurous ride of Ropeway and that has certainly helped the local tourism department to bag source of revenue.

Sightseeing and other possible venture

Starting from an elevation of around 7001 ft it strolls down to measure a sliding height of Tukvar. During your course of adventure traveler would have an occasion to view the glory of Mount Kanchenjunga, beside that an essence of organic tea estates would engulf your mind with blissful thoughts of compassion. At Tukvar traveler can call for break to enjoy freshness in air but it should be remember that to stroll up traveler would again have to stand in line to take a bountiful ride

Entry fee

To enjoy a brilliant ride of gondola traveler would require paying Rs 150/ person and for child of 3 to 8 years it is around 75 Rs.


During the month of off season the venture starts from 10 am till 4 pm and during the season of summer and autumn it opens around 10 am till 2 am.

Things to note

While trying such adventure course traveler should remember to carry their medicine and if they are suffering from ailments like Epilepsy, Acrophobia and expecting mothers are strictly not allowed to perform such task.

Another important thing that one should remember is to read an instruction and bond beside that proper check of heart beat and pulse rate is done so if you are not willing and uncertain than it is better to walk off.