Darjeeling Festivals

Festivals in Darjeeling are celebrated in a grand way with great enthusiasm and joy. The harmonious mix of the religions as well as the culture overwhelms the calendar of Darjeeling with colorful celebrations all the year round. Hindu festivals like Dussehra and Diwali locally called Tihar is celebrated in a grand way and during this time all the local community and people from all religious come together and paints the environ of this picturesque town with high spirit of togetherness, joy and happiness.

Darjeeling have every reasons to celebrate festivals and during this time people come together to make the festivals more lively, colorful and grand.  
The diverse culture of the town have given platform to celebrate various festivals, which gives wonderuful opportunity for the locals as well as tourists to know the culture and traditions of other community in a better way.

Important Festivals in Darjeeling

  • Bhumchu festival, Ram Nawmi
  • Dasain Festival, Loshar Festival
  • Darjeeling Carnival, Buddha Jayanti
  • Sansari Puja , Saga Dawa
  • Milad-un-nabi Mohammad's birth anniversary
  • Sawane Sankranti, Kushe Aaushi
  • Durga Puja, Jamare Aunshi
  • Tihar or Teohar
  • Bhai Tika, Idu-al-Fitar
  • Christmas