Darjeeling Cuisine

Darjeeling serves yummy cuisines with typical Nepali and Tibetan flavour. The Delicious Momos and Thukpas (Thick Noodles) served at the exotic restaurants with yummy soup add new tastes and enrich your taste buds. Eating at the exotic eats and out place of Darjeeling as well as exotic restaurants and hotels is not only a gourmet bliss but also gives wonderful feeling that beckons you to the place again and again.

Darjeeling tea is world famous and enjoying the stimulating hot tea amongst the serene green surrounding, smelling the cool aromatic air gives you out of the world experience. Also try out the local mood making wine called “Tongba” and “Nigar” prepared in the exotic villages by the locals. It is truly a healthy drink and a cup or town rejuvenates your tiring soul from the long day tour in Darjeeling. 

Darjeeling serves cuisines with blended flavor of all the local ethnic groups that add new taste to the life of the tourist and truly the taste work so wonderfully that it will take a long time to go. You can enjoy the hot melting pot which contains both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian specialties, truly with unique flavor and tastes.

You Cannot Miss these stuff to eat in Darjeeling...take it for Granted

  • Delicious and Mouthwatering Momos with true Himalayan Flavor
  • Thukpas
  • Wai Wai
  • Curpee the Himalayan Bubble Gum made of Cow and Yak Milk
  • Sael Roti
  • Tongba
  • Chhang
  • Nigar

Try out these Cuisines and add new taste to your taste buds!