Dalhousie Tour Packages

Etymologically speaking about this popular hill station of Himachal Pradesh, Dalhousie is a beautiful hill station named after British Governor and general of India Lord Dalhousie who discovered the site and bought fame and glory to the place by bring the site to the notice of the people India which had lead to its popularity from the very beginning and made the as one of the best summer retreat site of the country and so this hill station was named after him.

Dalhousie is one of the hill stations of Himachal Pradesh simple but beautiful and creative in nature fondly admired by Lord Dalhousie who established and raise the place as a resting resort for himself and for its subjects later came to the notice of the world and became famous as the summer resort nowadays. It was once a summer retreat center taken sheltered by mostly the military force, the British military troops and the bureaucrats.

As the site is built on the side of the hills and that too surrounded by five great hills and physically located on the edge of the Dhauladhar mountain range of the Himalayas with surrounding scenery hovered with snow peaks reflecting on its town fresh and clear with glittering rays when the sun hits the peak specially the first morning hour and the dawn scenery is extremely beautiful and impressive ready to take away your heart and soul with its stunning glow. And so never miss out the scenery of the first morning when the sun raises and the dawn of the day when the sunsets and sleeps away kissing the meadow of the hills green look, it is these time that the nature is at its best moment. Today you will quite a good number of tourist even coming from abroad in spite of being located on the remote region and that too in the extremely altitude site of the country tourist love to stay back for a day or two is none other reason but to enjoy this breathtaking vistas tourist hunt for.

The Dainkund peak, Khajjiar, Panch Pulla, Satdhara falls and Chamba hill station are also some of the beautiful sites that offer chances to enjoy bird’s eye view experience of the vast breathtaking nature’s amazing creative galleries at different stages portray here in every nook and corners, you will find them all sited very close to one another.

Though people imagine the site to be a destination only to see the mountain peaks, great vistas of greenery forest area, valleys and enjoy countryside lingering around only but it’s not so there is much you can do and much you will find things beyond your expectation. Whether you wish play with snow, roam around with wild Beas or feast with wild flora and fauna there are site where you can always relish your enthusiasm. And even for historical and religious sightseeing there are numerous tourist places in Dalhousiewhere you will find them scattered all around.

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