Coorg Tour Packages

Coorg which is sometime referred as Kodagu is coined from a local version of Kodavu and historically it means initial settlement. Nestled within the South-Western province of Karnataka and enclosed by a boundary of Kerala, Coorg is one of the most designated tourist destinations of Karnataka. Owing to its magical landscape it is commonly termed as Scotland of India and its natural helms that remains prosperous throughout the year makes it affluent and thriving. To get an access to this land of possibility we would suggest traveler to contact with Kerala tour packages as they are expert in customizing and modifying your instruction.

Tourist places in and around

Madikeri Fort:

this 19th century fort is a driving tourist spots and its testimonials would sweep an inch of land. The fort was originally constructed by Haleri kings and its authenticity lies in molding of mud which was later destroyed and reconstructed by Tipu Sultan in 18th century. With an advent of British colonials this historic fort was seized and again it was renovated to preserve its importance.

Omkareshwara temple:

located at a walking distance from Madikeri Fort, Omkareshwara temple is one of the most promising tourist spots and religious sanctums around Coorg. This temple is renowned for its mythological vibes beside that an arcade of architecture adds more star to its glory.

Raja’s seat:

perched atop a scenic hill of Coorg, the Raja’s seat is an instance of glory of imperial. The historic seat is renowned for defining history of different ages. The Raja’s seat besides being historic is a natural gateway from where traveler would have an occasion to view the stand of distant mountain ranges and slopes.

Raja’s tomb:

the Raja’s tomb portrays the significance of two different culture of religions because if you would look at its structural pattern than you would notice an influence of Islamic architecture. The tomb is an evidence of glorious era of Virarajendra and Lingaraja. Although its construction is not as fine as you would expect it to be but than its prosperous site of chronology would compensate the structural degradation.

Abbey falls:

as you would meander from the vines of pepper a sudden roar of natural springs would enthrall your mind. Abbey falls which is located down the stripes of coffee and spice plantation area is one of the most interesting tourist places where traveler can hike down to plan picnic and other socializing events.

Things to do


trekking around the mountainous region of Pushpagiri, Kotebetta, Thadiyandamol and Brahmagiri is the most definite thing that adventure lover would love to do while coming here.

River rafting:

river rafting at Coorg is possible in majestic river of Barapole, the river rafting experience at this amazing river would be completely different as it has some of the most exciting raft and rapids within its wave.

Quad biking:

for Motor bike enthusiast Quad biking is a next big thing that they should look to consider to measure the height of adventure. Quad biking at coffee plantation area and near the pole of Madikeri would be a dynamic experience.


Kaveri River is home to many aquatic lives like cat fish, Mahaseer, Eel and Tuna which means fishing and angling here could script a new note of adventure. Beside that bird watching is another interesting natural activity that you can get indulged with.

Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary

Sprawled over an area of around 105 square kilometer, the lush greenery of evergreen forest that passes the land of bliss across horizon defines the clean natural movement of solitude. Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary is a pearl of paradise and its blooming location that covers the highlands of Western Ghats and the natural habitats living inside are all familiar with a weather and character of elevated relief.

Brahmagiri Hill

Situated on the border between the Coorg district in Karnataka and the Wayanad district in Kerala, Brahmagiri Hill is a mountain range in Western Ghats at an elevation of 1608 metres above the sea level. The hill endows dense green forests, many small waterfalls and provides shelter to many rare and endangered species of animals. The slopes of beautiful Brahmagiri Hill also provide an ideal spot for adventure seekers to indulge in many invigorating activities as well as for travellers an ambiance for self soul searching journey.

Golf Course Coorg

Set amid the enchanting natural beauty of Coorg, Golf Courses of Coorg is a retreat for those who are fascinated with the game. Most of the golf courses here are surrounded by invigorating natural beauty, greenery and more of all the courses are well maintained and most of them are restricted to the members. Coorg boosts to have the maximum number of golf course in the country and it would be a rewarding experience for the tourists and golfers to test their golfing skills and talent.

Rajas Seat

Raja’s Seat or the Seat of the King is a popular sunset point in Medikeri in Coorg district of Karnataka. It is said that Raja’s Seat is a place from where the king of Coorg used to enjoy the aesthetic sunsets. It is located inside a lush green garden with numerous flowering and non flowering plants. This place is dotted with solace of peace and tranquillity. Especially during spring and autumn season, when the flowers are at its full bloom, the garden is adorned with dazzling colors of the flowers.

Tadiandamol Peak

Perched at an altitude of 1748 metres above the sea in Western Ghat, Tadiandamol Peak is a beautiful hill with abundance of natural treasure to cherish. It is also the highest peak in Coorg district and a fascinating spots for adventure seekers. Surrounded with verdant greenery and picturesque landscapes, travellers are sure to feel fragrance of coffee everywhere and freshness in air.


Beautifully set at an altitude of 1276 metres above sea level, Brahmagiri hill considered to be the birth place of the river Kaveri River. It is located somewhat at a distance of 8 kms away from Bhagamandala and 48 kms from Madikeri but one fact to be noted is that, there is no distinct flow seen from here except monsoon season.

Kuruva Islands

The Kuruva Island are collection of three island situated amid one of the tributaries of the river Kabani. This 950 acre of land is filled with flora and fauna and is quite isolated. However, a group of uncommon species of birds, orchids as well as herbs are the rulers of the island. This particular spot is a perfect destination for those who love the nature and it is also a popular picnic spot. This island tends to possess more than 150 small islands along with two fresh water ponds.

Shopping in Coorg

Coorg or Kodagu is considered to be one of the most well known hill stations in South India. Amazing thick forest along with astonishing waterfalls and huge coffee plantation is the most significant feature of Coorg, where the aroma of the spices and coffee shall ignite your senses. It can be well mentioned that shopping in Coorg is always fun as the town has innumerable varieties to offer and is well known for its spices, honey, dry fruits, coffee, chocolates, wine and cardamom.

Restaurants in Coorg

Dining in Coorg is a unique experience where you can simply savour the flavours of plenty of curry leaves, coconut and other spices. Many of the South Indian States offers vegetarian cuisine but in Coorg you can satiate your taste bud with hot and spicy non-vegetarian food as well. Also Coorg is known for its coffee production in the country; hence do not miss to take the sip of some best coffee to refresh you while you are in Coorg. A plentiful of restaurants and coffee shops are located amidst the pristine environ of Coorg.

How to reach Coorg

Coorg is lovely little hill station nestled within the glorious shade of Western Ghats of Karnataka. An essence of nature could be felt from the springs and lush green environment of the surroundings. The tourism here is essential beside that it is amongst a hot spot tourism site where traveler comes from every corner of the world during the time of summer to escape from intensity of humidity and temperature.