Collinpur Beach

Located at a considerable distance of about 40km from the capital city of Port Blair resides the very gorgeous Collinpur Beach. The beach lies in close proximity to Tirur. With sheer contrast to the Corbyn’s Cove, the Collinpur Beach is the nearest to Port Blair. It is also much beautiful and spacious than Corbyn’s Cove. The Collinpur Beach is meant for those who seek for a narrow escape from the hustle and bustle of the modern world; they also seem to provide a space of solace and peace.

Tourism Value

The Collinpur Beach is popular among the tourists due to its vicinity from Port Blair. Nothing can be more entertaining than this. Firstly, the Beach is nearer to the capital city, in fact the gateway to all the islands and beaches. Secondly, the beach is of divine beauty that it creates a spell on the visitors. The beauty of the beach cannot be explained in words. It beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and over shadowed clouds simply add to the loveliness of the place. The place is of extreme tourism value due to its vicinity from the capital city of Port Blair. In addition to that, the palm scrubs add a different taste to the grandeur of the beach.


The Collinpur Beach provides numerous interesting activities that any beach over would dream for. The beach is perfect place for sun bathing, swimming and most importantly photography. In addition to that, the place is an awesome picnic spot.

Scuba Diving

The beach is an ideal one for sun-bathing. One can simply bask in the dazzling sun. The sand of the beach is so oft and smooth that it tempt the visitors to stay on it as long as they can. In addition to that, the palm trees are always present to instill freshness.


Swimming is another such activity that makes you feel the true essence of the coolness of water. People are generally found taking a dive in the cool waters of the Collinpur Beach.

Hotspot for Picnic

Due to its vicinity from Port Blair, the place is often flooded with picnickers. The beach is an awesome picnic spot. It is a very fine place to enjoy some quality time with your family, lovers and friends


Once you visit the place, it would become mandatory for you to take out your camera and capture the loveliness of the beach. Anybody could fall in love with the beach at the very first sight.


The beach offers a very grand and majestic view of sunset. People are usually found watching the sunset, thereby witnessing the end of a day and paving a new way for tomorrow. However, if one seems to encounter some of water activities, then paddle boats, aqua-cycle and kayays are an ideal one. The beach is so serene and calm that it is an ideal one for meditation as well. Residing in the lap of nature, the Collinpur Beach is such a beach that provides you with the most wanted thing in the world-peace. Hence, a visit to the beach is a must.

Local Transport

Cabs, taxis and local buses are always available for your service from Port Blair.

Best time to visit

October-April is the best duration to pay a visit to the grandeur of the Collinpur Beach.