Climate in Kerala

Kerala is a beautiful state located in the south-western part of the country India. Bordered by the another south Indian state, Karnataka to the north and northeast, Tamil Nadu to the Southeast and the majestic overlooking Arabian Sea in the west, Kerala is an important state regarding to holiday destination and tours and travel destination in India.

Kerala is highly influenced by its geographical features and locations. The state has tropical like climate as most of the other parts of India experiences. Due to the location and more of all being close to the sea, the temperature of Kerala remains equable all the year round. The climate is also highly influenced by the monsoonal rainfall that starts from June and remains till September. Summer last for almost 3 months and starts from April and last till June and during that time the temperature remains around 32 degree centigrade.


Like wise the state also experiences winter seasons and mostly starts from October and last till January. During the winter time the temperatures falls but the weather in never too chilly and the temperature remains 21 degree centigrade. Over all the climatic of Kerala is pleasant and the weather is favorable all the year round in all the parts of Kerala.

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